martedì 1 marzo 2011

FML: Or How The Loosers Took Over...

Internet lingo has a singular irritating power to anyone, while still being infectious. That, in laymen term, means that i despised acronyms like "Lol", cause i'm a self absorbed pretentious prick but i ended up using them. Still theres a single set of letters that, to me symbolizes one of the most despicable, hideous aspects in people, lately. Three letters that are like a red flag for something seriously wrong, a social fucking disease.

FML=Fuck My Life.

If you hang out on FaceBook or Twitter, you'll see it often. Seems that everyone wants to have their life sexually abused. From my own personal experience, it mostly means theres an increasing need for attention. I think Internet didnt change people, all it did was bring to surface stuff that already was there, giving it a face, and a series of easily recognizable traits.

That acronym, used when someone needs people to pay attention to something bad that happened to them or a moment of debunking depression, just made one aspect louder than others. People whine. They always did, but never as lately, i have noticed how the absolute majority of social mediums like the forementioned Twitter are an endless parade of people screaming their sadness and their "depression" into other people's faces.

Also, the term "depression", "sadness" and "suicide" are being used in an appallingly wrong way.

Now, i dont wanna be the one who tells people to grow up or stop being pussies. Its not my place. But i havfe to give you a few points. I have been diagnosed with depression and bi-polar disorder in the past. I tried to kill myself repeatedly. Almost succeded. Went under therapy. Got under meds. The meds destroyed the symptoms but also destroyed my brain, made me a semi vegetable, barely able to concentrate or have emotions, deprived of libido, creativity and feelings. So i had to rebuild from that. detox from meds. Stil cannot sleep without chemical aid. Think about suicide daily. Have memory failures and physical ailments that come from that and make some stuff impossible to me.

But i hear everyday someone virtually screaming "FML, i should start using meds".

I have a dear, loved friend who fights daily with a debilitating chronic disease that makes her unable to move, stand or do anything that people do everyday. Still she hasnt lost an ounce of her hope and love for life. She has not only the strength to survive but spreads love and hope to people around her, making life better for them and helping them throug life's daily issues.

But everyday i hear someone scream "FML i have a cold, i want to die".


To everyone who is surrounded by those people: do not give them symapthy or support, it would like giving a junkie his dose, just to have them shotting up onb your porch and steal your money. Those people do not need help. Their life is fine. They're not depressed, sad or depserate. All they need is attention. About everything. And all they give back is abuse. The subtle one, that doesnt leave scars.

They'll say they got hurt, but all they had is probably someoen realizing how negative they really are and running away from them. But they will find more people to suck the life out of.

Theyll complain about their job, money problems, health issues, technical stuff. But that probably means that they cannot buy a new iphone, that they have a cold that mom and dad arent buying groceries for them.

they have confort, love, moeny, a house, clothes, health. But they dont care. No matter how much youd give, in terms of care, love and sympathy, it will NEVER be enough. Theyll keep feeling entitled, complain to their circle of disciples and beg for listeners. They'll never be happy and they'll take happiness away from you. And then tweet about it.

So fuck their life. Seriously. Stop.

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  1. Agree 1000%. I also wanna add to my personal list the sadface. I hate when people throw it around so freely. I have unfriended people who use these terms so freely when their lives aren't FML or :(.
    Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Sadface! yes. and gratutitous "sigh" or "barf". sounds like a douchey thing to point out but its so disrespectful towards real depression.

  3. It's loser not looser FML!! <3