giovedì 17 marzo 2011

Quitting: Why Sometimes, It's Time To Give Up

Ok, this one is one of those posts where i am writing mostly to get some heavy thoughts out of my head. You dont have to agree with me, my faithful eight readers. Ignore this one, like most people do.

Evberyday, when i talk to people about any sort of important topic, it seems that the common opinion is that you have to "Keep fighting for what you believe in" or "Never Quit". Some think of their compromises and their constant giving up of dreams aspirations and souls as a form of fighting. But in general, everyone is pretty much convinced that, no matter what's the situation, you have to keep fighting.

I am recently finding myself disagreeing. When it comes to survival, yes youy have to keep fighting. In the end the most important person you have in your world is you. So you have to fight to keep yourself alive and polssibly well. But a form of survival is also choosing your battles. And most battles you'll face arent worth fighting.

When it comes to actual health, you gotta stay strong. My best friend and soulmate, Rhian, is a fighter and i will always be on her side to keep her fighting, no matter what she has to face. She is an angel and has Lupus. I'd gladly die in the process of keeping her alive.

But when i, or even her, face fights that if kept on will destroy our soul, i think the best choice is to give up.

Think of all you regard as positive in yourself. The fact that you're passionate. The fact that you have strong opinions. The fact that you think that some relationships with friends or loved ones are more important tjhanm silliness. The fact that you have values and you dont want to hide them.

Sometimes you'll face situations and people whowill see all that as a negative. Your passion is a mean nature. Your strong headedness on what you believe is stupid and a symptom of being an arguing dick. You'll be turned into the bad person, no matter how right you are. Kind words from you will be ignored or turned around. The good things that you always counted on will be corrupted.

Somepeople take their hate out on others, cause its all they have. And meeting those people corrodes your soul from within. I have wasted much of my heart trying to get through everyone, and focusing on the harder people, only to come out as a bad guy in the end. Ignored at best, made out a monster at worst.

So i decided it's time to give up. I dont care anymore. I'll stop fighting for a while. I'm exhausted.

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  1. Agree!! Sometimes it just isn't worth it to fight. You have to way your sanity in these battles. I kind of talk about this from different angle for the next edition of the Rhi-Post. So happy there are others who know when fighting doesn't do anything good.

  2. yes. my first draft of this was even harsher, like how powerful is actually saying "meh" and shruggin off some people and things. I am pro-passion, but there are some that use it against others. so in these times, its better to say meh. some apathy helps at times.