lunedì 14 marzo 2011

Podcasts That Worth Your Not-So-Precious Time: The Soggy Bog Of Doom

When i started spending actual time listening to Podcasts, while doing my daily and uninteresting activities, i was flooded with shows that ndealth withg all sorts of topics,, comedic shows, movie shows, and so on.

What i was really looking for was some shows that played music. Make that music i like. Make that Doom, Stoner and Sludge, the holy trifecta of awesomeness for my riff loving ears.

Semed like no matter how much i asked, no matter how hard i looked for them, i couldnt find something that was even remotely listenable. Lots of podcasts that "talked" about music (finebut it's like describing sex. not the same at all). Lots of podcasts that played a few tracks but had to fill them with horrifyingly unfunny commentary, half-arsed jokes and yapping (shut up, Dr Terrible, i want to hear the songs!). Lots of shows devoted to horrible music ("El Chorizo's latin comedy rap hour! Arriba!").

One day, when i was almost on the edge of defeat (as i often am, in my head) i randomly read the name "Soggy Bog Of Doom". What a title. I still am unsure of what a Bog is but it definitely sounds fitting. And i found what i was looking for.

The Soggy Bog of Doom delivers two hours of Doom, Sludge, Stoner, and general riff-loving pleasure, hosted by the undescribably likeable host Bob.

Bob is onje of the reasons for my LOVE for the show. Not only he has great taste and plays great music and he limits the chatting to the inbeteween parts. He has a pleasant, charming voice, doesnt do goofy characters, knows about the music and loves it (a lot). He is funny, has a sense of humour, he cracks self effacing jokes, is enthusiatic about what he plays, drops less known gems and gives great hints (sometimes unconventional ones, since he plays what he wants and not what labels dictate). He evn has a section titled "Under The Muck" where he plays obscure, unsigned bands that eventually, you'ìll end up looking for on the web.

In the end, i find myself waiting for his show as one of the week's high points. And his other shows are great too: "Ye Olde Metal Shoppe", devoted to all forms of heavy (dont expect Korn, though. Bob is proudly old-school) and "The Stygian Passage" devoted to atmospheric black metal, gothic, funeral doom and all that is bleak.

If you're not into podcasts you can hear his show on the magnificient station "Brutal Existence Radio". Bless the Bog/b.

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  1. I love this show too, Bob puts out nothing but quality podcasts. His shows inspired me to convert my stuff from live to podcast format.

  2. a bog is a marsh, ground that is saturated with water...
    And yeah, Soggy Bog is a damn fine podcast!

  3. Crestfallen and Thrash can are soon to be reviewed too, btw...