martedì 15 marzo 2011

TV is Better Than Movies: Prison Break


Ok, in this section i planned to review tv series that in some form or another, reach a level of awesomeness that beats cinema.

Well, Prison Break does. Although in a sublimely insane way. So take this premise before you read: i LOVE this show. It enetertains me and its addictive. But, it's .... well, an acquired taste.

The premise is delightfully inane: a structural engineer, whose broither has been condmened to the elctric chair, gets himself into a maximum security penitentiary so he can get out, with his bro. Lot of colourful charcaters, psychotic shenanigans and jaw dropping plot twists ensue.

It's hard to explain what makes this so compelling. I have a hard time explaining it to myself.

The main character, the unflappable Michael Schofield is played with a special technological advancement by Actomatron x657, the first robotic actor ever built. It manages to replicate a man's aspect down to every details and pulls off a certain sexiness too, so kudos. Still, its a new technology so it has no ability in doing more difficult stuff like actual different expressionb according to the situations of the character. So you'll have a charmingly brooding expression with a hint of sexy masculinity done amazingly but you'll have it frozen all the time. Well, after all it is a robot. They even gave him a real human name, "Wentworth Miller", which is obviously made up but still cute.

The rest of the cast is made by humans, that do their job as insane or compelling side characters. Note to the amazing T-Bag, a villain that manage to pull all the repulsive prison bad guy card tricks, from speaking with a southern accent, to buttfucking the buttfuckable and still be hilarious.

The plot is where the magic works. If you do your brain the favour of turning it off, "Prison Break" will reward you with more insane dramatic twists than Jack Bauer's worst day (note: 24 sucks, this doesnt). You'll be constantly on the edge of your seat, uttering "aw cmon, trhat doesnt even make sense!", yet still compulsively watching.

Ok, some parts of this review are a bit silly but the show IS good. So give it a try.

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  1. yeah but i find everything sexy, and arousing so that doesnt count.

  2. very sweet dreema xxx in this world :d