sabato 5 marzo 2011

Bands You Should Know: Graveyard

I wont make it a secret: my favourite type of music is, no doubt, Hard Bluesy Rock from or inspired by the Glorious Seventies. I worship Black Sabbth, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Mountain (more about them in the future), Deep purple and on and on....
Graveyard hit that musical place of joy. They look like they steeped out of a time machine, all hair, vintage shirts and musical skjills before image. Cause, yeah, whats great about those bands is that they can actually play and put heart in their music. you can hear their soul in the notes like a groovy, velvety massage to the heart. To be Clear This aint no Nickelback shit.
I liked Graveyard's debut a lot but they made me fall in love with their sound when i saw them live at the Roadburn Festoval in Holland, 2010. They played in a tiny, dark venue that just filled up with the magical waves of their retro rock. One bluesy riff after the other and a singer that lookedf meek and did no hystrionics but belted out lyrics like he was throwing his heart at us. And we danced, we sang, we grooved and even teared up. It was beautiful.
Listen to their stuff, they're about to release a new recdord which promises to be awesome. Play them loud and let the music make your day warmer.
Also They're from Sweden, the holy land of great rock!

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