giovedì 3 marzo 2011

Humoredians: John F. O'Donnell

I discovered John F. O'Donnell on the Keith And The Girl show, where he hit me as maybe one of their most naturally funny, lively and smart guests of their roster.

Still it was his stand-up appearance in one of the KATG live shows that convinced me to become a JFOD-ian (as he once defined his fans in one of his delightful newsletters). I am a hardcore stand-up junkie (or nerd) and still, afetr digesting hundreds of comedy sets, i was left kinda speechless by John's brief but hyper-hilarious and incredfibly intense performance. The man has a unique style of comedy, a perfect timing and possibly a jaw dropping mind that boosts his jokes to a whole new level.

John made no mistery about his manic nature on KATG, but his energy, the lightning fast ability with which he seems to twist a topic into a whole genius bit after the other is something to behold. The three parter series of EP's "Live From Outer Space" that he gives away for free (but give him a supporting donation, be fair) are pieces of incredible improvistation, unique humour and crowd interaction. You'll laugh in awe, cause theres no way you could have heard another comedian who manages to create jokes so brave and mind-boggling while still being hilarious.

Also, i've been told that his "Into The Wild" show that he created and hosts is soemthing you have to see to believe. So drop him a line (hes a delightful dude too) and become a JFODIAN.

Theres the website for his EP's:

His Show's Page:

And his MySpace:

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