venerdì 4 marzo 2011

Random Amazing Piece Of Beauty: Nine Inch Nails - "Closer"

All the alternakids love to brag about how they lost their virginity to this songs or usually have sex to it. Understandable.

Also This song appears in many, many weirdo sex clubs as a recurring background to debauchery. Perfectly understandable.

Still, listening to it in the glorious context of the whole "Downward Spiral" album (one of the greatest msucial achievements of the century: fact), i am always appalled at how many layers of raw power this song has.

We all know how it's about loosing yourself into savage sexual pleasure and abandonig any control to be reborn (and god even thinking of the lyrics makkes me feel all frisky and dirty in the good way). But the point is that evrything in the song SOUNDS like what it says. Its a mass of pulsating blood and flesh that screams to fuck it hard and make it bleed. It grabs your inner animal thorugh your ears and speaks the secret language of music, to say things that word cant say.

And that video is.... well.

Reznor should be worshipped forever, even only for this. I need to make angels cry, now.

4 commenti:

  1. Yeah, these days most of people that liked NIN
    back in the day hates everything Reznor does, me included, and for the right reasons. But, all that aside, this song, and a video, is a total masterpiece. Sex is god, or was it the other way around? And then those questioning notes at the end... its like - really? No, not really. God is dead. Nice post.

  2. wouldnt say i hate waht he does, the social network score is interesting. but he definitely is a more "nice" msuician than back then. loved the fargile for different reasons, but this whole album is so visceral it hurts.

    And eyah, the shole visual side to it, the extreme masochism videos, the snuff, the grotesque. i'd love to knbow if all the nice hearted goths actually saw any of this.

  3. the sounds of downard spiral are still unparalled. how he made sound the guitars like blades. wow.

  4. Yeah, when you play March of pigs... uh.