mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Weird Sexual Fetishes: It's Not Just Japan

Any normal sociopathic weirdo knows that when it comes to covering insane sexual quirks and fetishes that really have nothing arousing to them at all, Japan is the place to go. After all, they are a population of almost genital-less people who deflect their sexual repression in the most creatively insane ways.

Any tour of the internet can prove this. You will be able to find Japanese Pie throwing videos, where a bunch of gentlemen in horrible underwear thwoe pies at a naked girl while she emits orgasm sounds that remind me of an excited baby seal before the clubbing (too much? sorry). You'll find ladies making out covered in bugs, squids, eels, various form of liquids and objects. Girls dressed in warrior costumes, kicking a line of (again) goofy looking dudes with socks and retarded faces, square in the balls. And more. Yeah, anyone knows that Japanese are weird when it comes to sexuality, although i personally think that THEIR way of expressing them is way less dangerous and offensive than most of OUR pornography.

True, the jappies have a thging for lolitas, fake rape, panties and depravities that are revolting. Still their ideas are usually done in a silly, mostly ridulous way. Their idea abouyt sex hits me as a weird cartoonish pantomime. They act out dark fantasies or weirdness, so its out there and not in their heads. They turn frustrated sexuality to some form of goofy, creepy but almost harmless entertainment. If you read any interview, most of their models are actuallòy not degraded or offended by what they do. Its like a costume play.

If we look at our white, round eyed porn, though.... Well lets not go to the extremes of 2 girls 1 cup. Lets gloss over the fact that said video, before turning into a shock value memem, was actually Custom Made for someone that actually WANTED to see such stuff.

Lets think that the barely legal genre is immensely popular, and riddled with movies where actresses openly dress like minors to arouse men. Lets think of the various series that seem to be all over the place in the pornb world: the titles all contain abuse, rape, incest, violence. I dont wanna go on a moralist anti-porn rant. I use porn. I dont like the rough kind cause it has no point for me. I like rough sex, but when its real. Seein actual violence on a woman, even if she got paid for it, doesnt arouse me.

Not long ago i saw an interesting documentary about the whole "fake snuff" fad. A couple of the interviewed actresses actually talked how most of them started in weird fetish videos that portrayed silly outlandish stuff, like kidnapping, clorophorming and fake killings. people fapped to those. Still, it was harmless. Then some of them enetered the realm of actual extreme porn (which is far from being a niche, and legitimate) where they got actually beaten, choked, slapped and degraded.

So in the end..... Whats more unsettling? A movie with girls making out with squids on their heads, or one called "Oh my god there's a negro in my teenage daughter!" (true)? People who have sex dressed as cartoon characters or "Fake cock" porn (where actresses make out with prosthetic penises that almost rip them apart?

I dont actually know.

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