venerdì 18 marzo 2011

The 150th Anniversary of Italy: A Couple Of Unpatriotic Observations

Italians are different from most of the world. Not only in a steretype hugging way but also because our relationship with our own country is weirdly polarized for the most part.

You're hardly gonna find much of the slogan shouting adoration that a lot of American seems to have. Unless you speak with Grandma Giuseppina, who's 90 and never went away from hewr hometown and knitting set, you'll hardly hear anyone state that Italy is the best country in the world. No shouting about gold medals.

Going on FaceBook, who's optimal as a social type zoo, on the day of the anniversary pf Italy's birth, you wont have to witness the parade of obnoxiousness that is the fourth of July (no offense, there, yankees. It IS obnoxious).

The approach to the festivities seems to be divided in categories:

-Some use the recurrence to shout out their "Italian Pride" but quickly evolve it into declarations against immigrants, pseudo-fascist slogans, nostalgia about the monarchy or, on the opposite side, long winded complaints about Berlusconi

-Others ignore the event and seem to feel the need to stress how non-italianj they feel by saying that they'd rather celebrate St Patrick's day (does that make them american or irish. conundrum!)

-Others love the celebration but really do not know what the hell it's about. Usually teenyboppers, which are slowly but steadily approaching the brain capacity of amoebas. Example: "Today IM PARTYING AND GITTING SHITFACED LOLMFAO YAYITALY!!!!"

If you go around cities, you'll notice how the economy crisis has affected celebrations too. Not that many people around, not a festive air. Lots of open stores. Lots of unnerved misery.

The ones that seemed to have the right approach were the african street vendors: they sold italian flags for a bit, then switched to more approriate items, like soccer shirts or fake purses.

Still, for what i'm concerned, i gave myself one day of "takin no shit" from foreigners and trying to be happy about my land. And yes i said land, not country. Our sense of justice is fucked, our unemployement is tragic, our moral values are bankrupt. Still looking at our landscapes, our women and feeling the taste, smell and music of our land makes me feel quite happy. So, yeah, i think i'll keep loving this place. And if you dont agree, get the fuck out.

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