lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

Podcasts That Are Worth Your Not-So-Precious Time: Keith And The Girl

I will use this recurring section of MAC to promote interesting podcasts. To make it simple for the few ones of you who have lived on Mars or in Europe for the lòast few years: podcasts are today's more advanced brother of the rightfully extinguished radio shows. All you need to listen to them is some sort of mp3 reading device, and you'll find any sort of topic covered for you. As with anything else, 90% of podcats are crap, so i'll pick some of the ones i personally consider special and worth following.

This one is a big thing to me, so this presentation is biased. VERY biased.

See, i've been through bad times in my life. Depression, Drugs. Booze. And a general feeling of being cast out of anything worthy in the world. This show not only made me laugh and kept my mind on track, getting me out of depression, but actually made me consider new ideas, meet interesting people, regain confidence, start new projects and more. A lot for a show, right?

Well it isnt just any show. "Keith And The Girl" is not only the most popular comedy podcast around, it's probably one of the few that can be considered a cult in the true meaning of the word.

A single stat is quite telling: the show has 83 (sorry, 87 ) fans with the logo tattoped ont hem, and 2 brandings. Yes brandings as in permant scalding iron caused scars. And i wont go into the more boring stats, like the exact number of listeners (cause i dont wanna look it up and you dont care).

It's hard to exactly pin down in a cold scientific manner why this show is powerful as it is, but i'll have to give my own view.

The core of it all, is its hosts: Keith Malley (a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and general charmer) and Chemda Khalili (a singer-songwriter, writer, actress and genral foxy lady). To put it down simply, they're magnetic, interesting people, even id ìf they'd probably laugh at this definition.

Keith is outspoken, smart and caustic, able to pull out hilarity from any topic and still give unconventional and well thought point of views. He is the intelligent, outspoken, painfully funny observer that you love to listen to while he dismantles ideas and makes new ones and at the same time he's still a guy you would love to hang out with.

Chemda is his perfect counterpart, an intelligent, sensitive and hilarious gal with a sultry voice and a gift for understanding people in a few seconds, while still being able to burn them to pieces verbally if needed (and that means Keith too. Indeed).

Their interactions alone are priceless, yet still they manage to have incredible guests, that include top comics like Doug Stanhope or the late Greg Giraldo, or amazing stand-up gems like Jesse Joyce, Pat Dixon or Myq Kaplan. And nothing of what comes out even remotely resembles any radio show. there's laughter, fights, personal momenths, visceral revelations and mind expanding discussions on any sort of topic. Theres a good chance you'll end up learnign something while laughing after a listen.

These two have survived a complicated relationship, a break-up, working in crappy jobs and leaving them behind and created an empire of adoring fans that gather at Keith's annual stand-up show or meet each other around the world like a loving family of heathens.

They wrote a relationship book that is actually useful and funny. Did live shows that can be rewatched repeatedly and still make you crack up everytime. Did 4 record-breaking marathons that are pure bliss. Still make five shows a week and NEVER do a bad episode.

Go to their website and subscribe. Buy some of their stuff. Enter the clan. Trust me, it will be the best decision of your whole damn life.

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