martedì 22 marzo 2011

Tiny Pleasures In Living

Small things that make my brain juices go all the way up:

- Having conversation with cool friends, whether its online or in a bar. No difference there, awesomeness is awesome wherever it is. Thanks Victoria, Joelle, Rhian, Daniel, Tony and More.

- Typing random ramblings on this thing and actually having people read it and appreciate it

- Crackin up at horrendously gross jokes, like "How do you kill 15 horseflies in one hit? By Slapping a starving african kid" HAHAHAHAHAHHA. See, i'm still laughing.

- Spontaneously butt wiggling during the commute while listening to Daft Punk's "Around The World" for the gadzillionth time.

- Having an attack of air-guitar-itis right after that cause that Black Sabbath "Children Of The Grave" riff never ceases to make my heart jump

- Watching a kitten outside the workplace's windows and do a staring contest with him

- Actually finding out that strong coffee helps my mother sober up a bit

- Watching Prison Break and enjoying the awesome insanity of it, and jumping giddily when Robert "T-Bag" Knapper says "Imma getcha sooon, purdy boy"

- Having a magnificient idea for a horror movie featuring huge carnivorous bunnies

- Thinking of making a home made thingie for little Arianna

- Playing God Of War at night and discovering that even at 32 year old, with a crotchety temper and a troubled life, you can still be exhalted when you rip the head off a Gorgon.

- Hearing Marc Maron say anything

- Realizing that with a hazy fiuture ahead and a weird past behind, i'm still alive and kicking and have no intention of giving up. EVER.

2 commenti:

  1. I love ya man. Also, Night of the Lepus is some serious shit. I saw it in a double bill with Donnie Darko. Why they didn't make it a triple feature with Harvey, I do not know.


  2. i will check it out. i heard some great stuff about it. might even push me to start a horror/weird movies segment here. and i love you too.