venerdì 4 marzo 2011

The Amazing World Of Josh Latta (Special Post)

I am proud to say that i have one of the greates comic artist i know in my friend-portfolio and he designed already two depictions of my persona and the amazing n ew banner you're staring at. His name is Josh Latta.

He will try to skewer away any compliment you make towards him, even if its just a FACT that hes talkented beyond belief. He'll probably just falsh you his Buddy Holly-like smile and then say that you're too kind. Huh, artists. Watchagonnado.

Fact is that Josh not only has turned his influences (that are rooted into the classic cartoon strips from the 30's and 40's and the work of Carl Barks, to say a couple) into something unique and gorgeous to look at. He also manages to make FUN comics. Lately he's turned the singlularly depressing idea of internet avatars, mixed it with his cartoonish sensibilites, added the classic art of caricature and created the Avatards.

By simply supporting his work, you can get a represantation of yourself, that is not only great to look at on an artistic/emotional level but is also usually a perfect rendiution of YOU. and by YOU, i'm not talkign about the simple looks, i mean the deatils that make you special, the quirks, the tiny funny things. He makes the more real than re4ality by drawing them.

And what shall i say about his Rashy Rabbit comics? Well he created a cartoon character and moved it through Robert Crumb-like grit to eye popping Donald Duckish beauty in a bunch of collector worthy stories.

He's a friend, a good one. But pushing him, to me means just pushing a great artiust that deserves to be huge and keep being depressed while being famous. If you lik good stuff, contract him. Trust my word.

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