mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Bands You Should Know: Agalloch

I can call myself a metalhead cause i like heavy metal . Still, the reasons behind my love for Agalloch are all rooted in something that could be shared by anybody, even if you're not into the genre.

First, i love agalloch, because, as great bands do, they have taken a style and a sound and shaped it into something different and unique that only they have. Their early, black metal works, was great but couldnt prepare anyone pof their listeners for the epic emotiona powerhouse that their latest album "Marrow of the spirit" is. And that somehow, kinda turned off the usually conservative black metal audience.

Second, they're great musicians and even greater artists. They do not use their sound and the force of it to stay into the closed walls of clichées. They actually communicate emotions, strong ones. The beauty of their songs is int the heart breaking, epic, stark melancholy they drip from every note. They're not songs, they're poems about wounded souls, grey and blue landscapes, cold rivers and eternal nights of aching.

Third, because their album "Marrow..." has made my emotions move and is eternally linked to moments that are so beautiful and heartbreakign to me, i will never be able to forget them wìor forget how the notes are part of those memories. I cant think of many bands that accomplished this.

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