martedì 1 marzo 2011

Bands You Should Know: Trainwreck In Sarasota

Trainwreck In Sarasota is a one-man musical love-child by a nice guy named Rob.

Now dont let his gentle name fool you, the dude has skills with a guitar and a surprisingly rich voice, considering his relatively young age.

But personal points aside, he is one hell of a songwriter. His tunes go in the acoustic dark-folk tradition of modern indie songwriters like 16 Horsepower's David Eugene Edwardsor band like Son volt, Uncle Tupelo and Wilco. What sets them apart from the herd of guitar strummers today, im my really not humble opinion, is that they have soul.

The magical power of music which allows you to instantly feel what the musician was feeling in the brief moment of a song is on full display here. Rob sings about heartbreak and soul shattering things and you can hear it and have it in you with every note and nuance of his deep but qmotional (and at times, appalingly fragile) voice. His melodies are simple and still they get you by the guts and speak volumes.

He has a new EP out, you can sample his tunes and learn out to support him on his reverbnation page. Do it, hes a modern poet in his own terms and needs to play. He has talent.

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