giovedì 3 marzo 2011

Podcasts That Are Worth Your Not-So-Precious Time: TiltedHaloCast

(Putting up a Dom La Fontaine Voice) In A World where radio shows and PodCasts are dominated by obnoxious males and girls that are mostly vapid wastes of flesh that have nothiung intersting to say, finally a show hosted by two smart, twisted and funny cuties with an opinion and a joke about everything. (Cough. Ok back to my delicious self)

Rhian And Victoria (which come from equally great podcasts as Audiobuzzed and Uncast) love to name themselves (on their own page) as "Fallen Angels". They are indeed angelic, with two sweet and sultry voices that are warm honey pured in your ear even when they're talking about bukkakes and poo. And in somehow they are also fallen as in they KNOW life. They'll talk about sex, weirdness, poc ulture, men, boys, music, more weirdness and they'll generally dismantle everything you think you know about a girl's mind while making you pee your pants with laughter.

You'll find yourself with a huge crush on both of them, blushing, laughing inappropriately anbd questioning yourself about having babies in space, side effects of excessive masturbation, stange penises and sweet moments of cuddles.

They got to episode eighteen and they deserve a million more listeners. Trust me (or dont and just obey me) and check their show out: its an iunjection of feelgood in the heart and ballz.

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