giovedì 17 marzo 2011

Podcasts that are worth your Not-So-Precious Time: Crestfallen Radio

If you read my post about The Soggy Bog, this one might start where that one finished. After discovering that music shows could be good even if i didnt have a radio, i started looking for other ones.

On a Soggy Bog episode, Bob played some tracks that were picked from another show host, Kev. His show, Crestfallen Radio, was named by Bob as his main inspiration for starting his and possibly the best doom, sludge and stoner show available.

So i followed the doom rabbit and got a few episodes of Crestfallen, falling instantly in love. I ADORE Crestfallen. Where Soggy Bog fills me with two hours of tracks by bands i like, Kev manages to pull what i worship in a music show host: he makes me discover stuff that i end up looking for, buying and loving. Kevin knows the Doom universe well, loves ity and always seems to have great new tracks i never heard before up his sleeve. Two hours pass, and i find myself with a stronger and renewed love for music, with a list of bandanmes to check and an enthgusiatic desire to discover new stuff. Which also ius the fuel for good living, in my opinion.

I think anyone should listen to his shows, including his other thrash metal opriented show "The thrash can" who would deserve a post of its own. Even if you're not a Doom Fan, he will surprise you and probably make you discover excellent stuff, a whole world of sounds you did not know.

The Show's Page:

This show can also be heard on the amazing Brutal Existence Radio:

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  1. Thank you so much for the great words! I know I speak for Bob too when I say stuff like this makes it even more fun to do the shows. It is great to love a song or a band and be able to introduce it to someone else who has the same great respect and love for the music!