martedì 8 marzo 2011

Humoredians: Mike DeStefano

As a non-american who doesnt get any form of american tv, i encountered Mike DeStefano only in his non-tv shaped form.

I am a stand-up comedy lover, so whenever some label that i trust (like the never failing "Stand Up! Records") publishes a recording of a comedian, i usually check them out. I got DeStefano's cd "Ok Karma" basically without knowing anything about him. Something about the numerous videos avaiulable on youtube, his appearance and the few quoted jokes i read, spoke to me. It seemed like the guy was speaking true painful truth through jokes. But i wasnt prepared for what i heard.

I love stand-comics who can filter the darkness of life thorugh comedy. there's something in comedy as an art form that allows thje real geniuses to transmit pure, unadulterated truth, while actually helping yuou laugh and feel better. When you hear a great comedian, you migh not only laugh but you watch the world in a different way. A few manage to do it perfectlyu: Doug Stanhope, Marc Maron, Bill Hicks, Greg Giraldo. And DeStefano.

His material made em laugh, sometimes insanely but the stuff behinf the jokes was..... intense. The man took humour from darkness. Despair. Life at its worst. Anger. Painful realization. And he was far from being a stereotypical whiny self ware comedian. He was tough inb his views. He talked about facing life for the cesspol it is and trying to survive it. He humoured the ridicolouseness of making living "special" and "meaningful", and was all about the raging power of abrasdive laughter. He was unforgiving. He was mean. He was hilarious.

He was at his peak, making sell out shows. Died of a heart attack on the night of 6 march 2011.

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