lunedì 7 marzo 2011

The REAL Issue With Having Children.

Seems like there's an increasing numberof comedians, writers, womwn and men that are all about their pride in NOT wanting children.

Whwn it comes to ladies, every reason is right. They have to deal with the debilitating experience that is childbirth, the physical mutations that it causes and the cuirse that it puts on you. Lots of ignormaus people especially in places like Bumblefuck, RedNeckia or the italian cities like La Puta Catolica, women have to survive the relntless dreck of dealing with family and friends who force them into motherhood or pressure them about it. So any woman has the right to say "fuck it" to that, and more.

When it comes to men, my opinion is a bit different. As much as everyone likes to believe that when it comnes to children , men and women are equal, they're not. Men, for the most part, do not have father instincts in them. they will adapt, be affectionate, do their part, but nature did not make them as caring creatures. Menh are self-centered, sperm containers and i say this as one of them.

So often you will hear a guy either being against having kids and using excuses as "overpopulation" (like any of them really cares) or "become succesful" (like any of them ever becomes succesful). At the opposite, you'll the most terrifying sentence ever uttered: "I'll have kids because a man has to". Maybe you wont hear it so clearly, you might just hear "well, if it happens, it happens". If you're dating this guy, dump him. Why? Ok....

90% of people are not going to be good parents. Women are going to do most of the good part, but the majority of men will not be good fathers. They will not really love their child. They will have the immediate affection a la "Oh look, a new pet" but when it comes to dealing with the issue that is building a person's life and character, they will fail. I think that having a kid, needs to mean making him or her happy. It has to be.

It's not like theres too many people on the planet. The problem is that there's too many unhappy ones. Hurt, lonbely and broken. And chances are that most of us would just make a little one, more miserable. We will say we love them but they will always be that thing that got in our way and changed our lives. The reason for us giving up, while we would've given up anyways.

So ask yourself: "could i have a child and make him grow happy, balanced, strong and not unleash my failures on him, even accidentally"

If the answer is honest, it will probably be "No". Nothing wrong with that. But if you think you can, then have them. But love them for real. Dont pretend to.

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  1. Thhanks man, im puttyt the best of myseld into this blog, i wannna spread the word as much as i can