mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

TV is Better Than Movies: True Blood.

Well, this series is tricky.

My absolute revulsion for anything vampire-related after the success of "Twilight", with which i really have no beef but its not how i conceive the vampire mythology, made me steer away from this one for a long time. I kept reading positive things about it, but the mere idea of watching a series on vampire centered on a love-story between a bloodsucker and a human gave me rashes.

Then, i watched the first episode, during one of those days where i crave distractions more than air.

Well, i was hooked. The series was all blood, tits, dark humour, mean spirited horror and all covered by Louisiana/Southern Gothic atmosphere which i love top bits and pieces. The credit sequence already made me fall in love.

A series of iconic images that described the themes of the show, somehow better than the show itself: buble thumping, south, shady pubs, creepy bayou atmospheres, raw sex and violence. All paced to one of the coolest theme songs of the decade. (weirdly enough, the rest of the music by its author, musician Jayce Everett, isnt that good)

The series was fun at first and the characters were adorable, especially the supporting ones (my heart goes to the badass gay cook Lafayette).

Still theres a problem. As the series progresses and manages to keep me hooked, the main characters loose appeal. Actually they're DESPICABLE. The main lady Sookie (a name that is made to be said in a souther accent. "Shooo-Kay!") especially, played by Anna Paquin.... Well she's supposed to be a strong headed lead that is the opposite of a sensitive damsel in distress but slowly she becomes a mercurial, bitchy, hideously unlikeable and temperamental character. And her love interest Bill becomes a spineless jerk. I'm still watching. The mood works in its favour.

Maybe she'll get whacked.

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