sabato 19 marzo 2011

Stuff That Actually Sucks: Shawshank Redemption

Ok, well, "Shawshank..." doesnt suck. It's a decent movie. But this is the tile of the column. A few might think that i'm doing this to stir shit but i swear i aint. The main point behind this articles isnt to tell people that what they love isnt good. All i'm trying to say is "i dont get what's the big fuss about this".

I liked this movie when it came out. It was well filmed, mostly well acted, had a good short story behind it by Stephen King (who, for a while, seemed to be better at traditional storytelling than horror). It was nice to watch. But, see, i saw it once and litterally forgot about it. It was an ordinary, polished up, sentimental prison movie, with one really powerful moment (the Brooks story arc, which is way more interesting than any other charrcter in the movie). Played with lot of characters that had already been done to death in other prison movies, even better ("Escape From Alcatraz", "Brubaker", "Papillon"...).

Suddenly, it became this sacred movie that couldnt be criticized in any form. Was named "The Best Movie of All time" by many movie-loving communities.

And i still dont get it. I wont get into the plot flaws (especially the BIG one in the ending), those things arent really important. I am just not getting how a movie that so openly milks sentimentalism, delivers a story full of clichés, riddles it with eye-rolling speeches about hope (pretty much every word that the soon-to-be typecast Morgan Freeman speaks), villains that are close to cartoon, a main lead that has zero charisma and is basically the "Forrest Gump" of prison movies (as in, the feel-good bloated thing that is nice but really not that good), can become such an important film to everyone.

Ok, it moved you and made you feel better. Does that mean it's the "Best movie ever made"? Better than any other movie? And (like i heard once) "if you dont like the movie you dont have a heart"?

I never felt connected to the movie, the characters or the story. Its nice to watch but empty and manipulative. Thats my take. I guess i'm a bad person.

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