mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

The Weird World Of Modern Job-hunting....

Trust me, this wont be a lecture. I just need to squeeze this huge soul pimple.

The crysis actually exixts. I am not whining about it, i dont have the huge balls that sompe people have and complain how i cant afford an ipad. Thers people who starve and lost their home, so i am lucky. Still i have my bills to pay like anyone else and things are getting increasingly difficult.

I have a main job, in a software store, but the pay isnt high enough to cover everything in a decednt manner, so i'm trying to get a second job and i know people who'd love to have a third one or evena fourth. That's how it is, life is a bitch that always needs money.

This morning though, the surrealism of what i witnessed gave me a good view of the "Brazil" like future that is coming for the few retards between us athat are actually thinking of having kids.

I had an interview fixed as a sales agent for a semi-unknown publishing house. Their ads were kinda convincing somehow, and they seemed genuinely interested in my CV.

The interviews were taken in a giant, shapeless hotel in the outskirts of Milan (hmmmmm). There were a bunch of people waiting with me, some were young, some were even in their forties and desperate looking. No signs of anything actually professional anywhere (hmmmmmmm). The sweat and the despair in the room was palapable. a guy told me how lately he almost started a fight with a friend "He just kept complaining how boring his job is. I wish i had a job to complain about. I worked as a sales agent for four years and got fired when the place closed. Now i have to beg"

We get called one by one and briefly interviewed. Usual "are you motivated" bullshit. But the ending is scary. Quote the jist:

"We're trying to motivate our future employees by making a deal with them. You'll have to buy our products and subscribe to our publications and then we might conisder you as a sales agent. Also you'll take the responsibility of unsold items on you and pay them"

Some people accept. I have goosebumps. When i hear people who live in lucky and not completely broken countries that brag about refusing perfectly decent job offers, or complain about "having to do interviews", my testicles swirl. You have no idea of how bad it's getting. Get ready, we'll have to resort to cannibalism. I might need to loose weight.

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