giovedì 31 marzo 2011

The Weird Spreading Brown Stain

It is a sunny day in Italy, kinda hot too. I am trying to avoid work and thinking of possible creative solution for my future while finding new ways to touch myself on weird porn sites (it's not an addiction, it's research). That and lots and lots of coffee and natural uppers made my already addled brain even more attentive and perky and made me notice one thing: i don't understand human interactions in the modern age.

I am quite a social creature, although i have long phases of hermitism to heal my own wounds. If i'm in any place that requires to interact with other people. That makes me quite at ease at parties and a pleasant part of customer service in store. Especially with old ladies. I keep my weirdness inside, i enjoy to be polite and i give courtesy back when addressed in a nice way.

Also i know how to react in the appropriate way in social situations. So, i dont understand these two archetypical situation that reflect very well what seems to be the NORM in people interactin lately:

A) A Person has a doubt. They seem to be unable to solve it. They deicde to find the answer by looking on the internet. Not being able to find the information they need by themselves, they go on a forum/site/section of the web DEVOTED (please note this particular) to answering those questions and ask. Often the reactions will be the following. Paraphrased for comedy.

Q: "Sorry guys. I have a doubt. How am i supposed to fit the object A into socket B? I cant seem to find the answer. Please help! Thank you"

A1: "Kill yourself"

A2: "Ask the manufacturer"

A3: "I dunno. LOL"

A4: "Object A does not exist. I know this cause i am the main creator of all objects and my dad is god. So you're lying. i will report and have your account deleted"

A5: "wwww.enlargeyourpenis.comster"

See. I am exaggerating the point but trust me, i am not far from the mark. The questioning person will find an answer, eventually but they'll have to double thei efforts and face lots and lots of that. In a world where you hear one time out of two that help lines, and stores do not give adequate support to customers, often sticking to retarded scripted answers, why do people refuse to give help in a place thats dedicated to helping? I know the refrain, people are assholes (which isnt completely true. Assholes are just louder) and the anonimity of the web (also a myth, since it's increasingly hard to be anonymous).

Still, that doesnt make me understand the suden harshness of any place where people interact with other people. It's like serving food in a restaurant and poisoning your customers. Works if you're a sociopath, counterproductive in the end.

That reflects on social media, file sharing places, friending sites (i wont go into the horrors of dating sites. That would be like taking your kid to the catholic school and complaining if he gets touched). People are rude in an UNNECESSARY way. It doesnt have the pleasant schdenfraude of trolling, it's just damaging. Why attack friends randomly on facebook? It happens frequently.

I hear people complain constantly about how persons they know and keep in contact with become horribly rude and caustic on Facebook, ESPECIALLY during times of need. Lately a person i know, posted his troubles in a private status update. He got ridculed, attacked and insulted for that. That doesnt fit wither the internet theory, soince none of those people were anonymous or the cliché of people being cruel, since they were friends.

There has been a visible INCREASE in cruelty, an increse in pointless toughness, In being mean and unhelpful, in not caring about p'eople or events. It isnt the usual Hate vs Love. Hate is usually more blind and energetic. This is just a random biteing between dogs that are stuck in the same cage. Weird and pointless. Or maybe i'm just a wuss. /shrug.

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