mercoledì 2 marzo 2011

Comics For Non-Nerds: Ivan Brunetti

Yeah, you read that right: comic books are not only for nerds or eleitist douchebags. Well, sort- of. Ok, Lets say that its OK to be an elitist douche bag. Its more than ok. So lets talk about weird comics that you might love and that might become an addiction for you. Actually lets talk about artists that you shall look for.

Ivan Brunetti looks like a nice guy when you see him in pictures. He's friends with stand up comedians (like the always hip Patton Oswlat, for whom he designed the artwork for his latest stand-up album "My Weakness is Strong"), gives pleasant interviews and is usually described as a sweet guy but whoever talks about him.

So of course his art, as the demon unleashing medium that art can be, is sick, vitriolic, vicious, depraved and wrong. And hilarious for all the wrong reasons. If you're like me and love humour that is rooted in cruelty, depression and sickness, youll worship Ivan's work. His strips and panels are often based on unspeakable acts of sickness, extreme violence, insanity and humour so Black that it sucks light and oxygen out of reality. Or sometimes, he'll do a whole story about himself where he will rant about hopelessness, suicide and hatred. And still amanage to be hilarious.

Maybve its how everything in his drawing looks delightfully naive, like it came from the "Family Circus" world. His eviscerated, puppy killi9ng, rapist, necrophile characters look innocent and cute. unrealistic and gorgeously simple. Yet they do everything evil. Or maybe its the contrast between that and the chillingly funny one liners under them. It reminds me of a sunday paper comic coated in poison. Check him out, its worth it.

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