lunedì 7 marzo 2011

Comics For Non-Nerds: Jack Kirby

Nerds know who this man is.

Comic Book fans have a heart jump whenever his name is mentioned.

I think ANYONE should know Jack Kirby's work. Not only cause he influenced moder art, pop-cultture and is still the most unsurpassed pure artist that the genre has (and proof is in the thousands of other artists who are directly or indirectly possessed by his style).

If you have to learn what The Man (capital letters intended) is at his most personal and unleashed, save some bucks and get the magnificient hardcover editions of his "Omnibus" that DC comics put out. Its four volumes that deal with super hero characters but actually do more:

They build Myth.

And i'm not talking about myth in the half-assed way that lots of artists and psychologist use the term. Kirby is a creator of Visions, Tales of giant and titans that fight against unexplicable evil (see his unparalalled take on Darkseid) to save the fabric of reality itself from unraveliong. His drawings are like Paintings, they explode in nyour eyes and assault your senses on any possible level. His words sparkle like electrified spoken rock. Some of his sentences even sound good.

And his ideas, his stories. The absolute romaticism, the utter insanity, the epic powerhouse of daring experiments with storytelling. And the fun. Kirby was fun. Reading him as an adult just makes you feel turning back to a state of purity, exhilaration, awe and a "wow how the hell can you think of THIS" feeling....

Seriously my words cant give you much more than a hint of the glory that this man is. Just read his stuff.

"I think the world Should have cried, on the day Jack Kirby Died" -Monster Magnet

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