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It's not all vanilla - Infantilism

I am proud to be a pervert and i am also proud to be a pathologically curious.

One of the side effects of manic disorder is that to keep the brain under check, its better to focus on "stuff" and have lots of interests. Apathy breeds depression and depression breeds siuicidal attempts, substance abuse and episodes.

So, in my past recovery i developed an already existent iunterest towards everything thats weird, deviant, perverted and sick. Now, my sexual life is quite interesting but FAR from deviant. I have a couple of freaky kinks (say, a foot fetish, a love for ass play, a fascination for sub/dom relationships) but i'm way in the norm section of freakiness. So my interest in horrifyingly and mesmerizing sexual depravity is mostly due to my attraction towards the "dark stuff".

I have a beloved collection of books that explores such topics or the bizarre elements and places of the world. So i'll try to post a few of said information here and see if we can spark a discussion.

Peronally, a sexual fetish that completely turns my stomach upside down, even more than the much reviled furries, is infantilism.

Infantilism is a quite diffused fetish, that pushes grown men to have an attraction towards dressing as toddlers or having their partners dressed that way (more the former than the latter). And act like babies. Yes poop and piss included.

According to Jack Boulware's essential "San Francisco Bizarre" (a spectacular book about the most depraved and weird places of Frisco, that should be in every house more than the bible):

-There is an association called "The Diaper Pail fraternity" with over 12.000 subscribers and works as a mail order organization that sends diuapers, paraphernalia and an exhausting publication to his man-baby devotées.

-Their pubblication is riddled with adult baby themed stories with titles like "Elliott The Diaper Boy". Comic Books featuring a character called "Diaper-man". Hypnotic Tapes that help the listener to wet themselves when they hear a keyword

-Theres ton of ads for special diapers who focus on the softness and resistence of the product.

Seriously, i need to get air.

Ok seems that the fraternity recently died for lack of interest but the whole adult ababy movement is still thriving! Yay!

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