domenica 15 maggio 2011

Word Wizards: Dean Mayes

I wanna dedicate this post top a dear friend of mine who also happens to be a greast writer at his first novel. With the viral spreading of the internet, a lot of people, through the limitless medium of digital books, audio books and unofficial distribution channels, have an increased possibility of publishing their writings and have them read by a larger amount of people.

That creates a larger audience and avoids the chore of dealing with the more scum baggy independent publishers, who (like in my own case) often force the writer to basically loose tons of money to follow his dream.

The only drawback in this, is that nowadays the readers are submerged with stuff to read and a lot of them might not be as good. So the laziness and apathy towards the good ones might increase too. Dean, while being also a very smart, honest and raw person, is with no doubt a talented writer.

His "Hambledown Dream", which he's ditributing through both printed and digital channel, at a price so low, you really have to be a cheap bum not to get it, is a gem of a debut novel: poetic, emtoional, evocative and real.

The story, while dealing with love, passion, death and the other world, manages to strike all sort of emotions while reading. It's a story of extraoprdinary happernings, but its also a raw display of true feelings and raw moments of beauty. It grabs you, even if you're a jaded being like i am, and his prose is simple, but magical, for the way it just pushes the right buttons with the right words, and sets a chain of feelings that haunts you down to the last page.

The man deserves support and attention and money to do something more. So get this one now.

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