venerdì 27 maggio 2011

Allow Me To Burst Your Bubble

After the extreme and love filled post i did yesterday, maybe its time to reduce the levles of fuzziness in our hearts and reflect about reality with a bit more cynicism.

I have nothing against cynicism on its own. I hate pwoplw who allow their cynicism to become the most of them and turn into apathy or open cruelty. That is disguting. Being a realist or a level headed person, doesnt mean regularly stomping other people's hopes, because your own brain is unable to think outside its own oxygen deprived box.

Still, excessive idealists and dreamers sometimes are even worse. I dont know if you ever met one of those people that, thanks to an easy life that has allowed them to cultivate their desires, passions and aspirations, have found themselves conivnced that their rosy tinted world is thje only reality and everyone who is a bit more realistic, is bitter. The people who tell you that "your job shouldnt be about the money but about fulfilling your dreams". Yeah those people. The non-struggling artists and non-fighting ideals.

Besides the obvious lack of respect and realism that shows its mug in their statements, a common feeling i always have with those people is how they lack a bit of cynicism, the good kind. The one that allows to get on a level where you actually DO things and are not lost in the magnificient world of Tralala land.

I had this, in my mind while reading an article which pointed out the presumed importance in the future of the "Singularity" effect, which assumes that in some years, scientific progress will blow up (according to cyclical history) and bring an abrupt evolution in mankind, with the good and bad sides of it.

That sprung a series of thoughts in my head on how sometimes, most of idealistic concepts and myths should be severely downsized, in order to regain a correct vision of reality, which might allow us to pay more attention to where we are now.

Science might go into new directions, but do not expect the big issues to be solved: the main diseases might get a cure but the pharamaceutical companies will fight to the teeth to avoid that. There's a higher chance we WONT see a cure for AIDS or cancer than seing one. So it would be more logical and productive to fight for awareness on illness, improving the conditions of the ill people, prolongin their life, reducing the symptoms, preventing the cuases. People should learn to live with diseases and cope with them with improved strength and support, instead of waiting for a miracle to come. Stop allowing pharamas to drop pills that arent needed and force them into focusing on stuff that works, even experimental ones. Less yapping and maybes, more facts.

There wont be any space colonization, people wont go to live on other planets, we wont get world peace and conquer the universe. Sorry.

Technology is going into the bellic direction. War is something that will always be there as self destruction is a component of mankind and its probably the strongest one. There will always be death, murder and destruction and entire countries which starve or cease to exist because of that. And as beautiful as it looks, NASA is already at its ropes, by sheer lack of interest by the public and funding.

It is hard to survive in this world when you have a dreaming heart, especially if you're one that l.ooks at the stars and feels his heart soar. But you have to take into account that people are, for the complete majority stupid, ignorant, and cruel. No one really cares anymore about any sort of actual progress. All people want is to be entertained into numbness, feel safe (thats what the excessive militasry use is for), feel superior (thatss what conspiracies are for) and feel free to hate each other in various degree.

People will not get better. There's more and more ignorance daily. The majority is settling into religion and spirituality which are, no matter how you see it, a refuge against fear of the unknown and a series of made up points about what COULD happen after death. The logical answer would be not thinking about the afterlife and living in the present, with dignity, respect and tolerance. But that isnt happening, since people are terrified of letting others free of making their choices anbd take solace into religions that set medieval rules on what to think or do.

So the few ones that actually have love and respect should give up hoping for change and try to hold on to each other, tight.

Most loves wont last. It sounds bitter but its true. Nothing lasts forever. You might find the one, but in most cases you will find the right one right now. Everything ends so living day by day is the best choice.

Your dreams might not come true. You might not achieve success, become rich or famous. People with way less talent than you might outdo you in what you tried to achieve. But if theres one thing i know, is that passions feed on themselves. Like real love for people. Loving your crafty, your passions is something that keeps youa live, even when frustration takes over. So it makes the present bearable if not the future.

See, my cyncicism is more of a "no day but today". If that wasnt a quote froma weird musical about gay hipsters, id say it.

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  1. The enlightenment of ourselves is the only true frontier left for us to conquer. We won't achieve this as a society. We can only achieve it as individuals and hope that others achieve independent self enlightenment in the same fashion