sabato 28 maggio 2011

Natural Rememdies For The Homicidal Blues

Dennis Leary, during one of the few times wheere he wasnt ripping off jokes from Bill Hicks, said "Happiness is a moemnt, a spurt that lòasts a few seconds. A chocoalate, an orgasm and then you're back to the misery". I kinda agree.

It's hard, almost impossible to define a life as "happy" or "perfect". One can be adjusted, satisfied, have more good moments than bad but i'm seriously suspicious towards people who say "they have a happy life".

A bit of hurt is a fundamental component of a functional soul. Dysfunction is part of a heart that isnt completely hardened. You might "enjoy" your life and be happy about the people that surround you and your life choices but if you think you're "very happy" and you find unhappiness wrong or weird, than you probably lack something or you have made yourself deaf to a natural component of human nature.

As i said, whining and random complaining cannot be defined as real depression, but yet the real deal is something that has the potential to start inside every person. The act of surviving is a long, bumpy road, filled with obstacles that arent necessarily bad moments or traumatic events. The most dangerous bumps are related, for me, to human interactions. Its natural for anyone to put a lot of meaning into interactions with people but that will often bring pain. To interact with others, you need to trust them and most people abuse trust. Most people arent evil but they are egotistical. They will use another individual, especiually a close one that loves them or gives tham a lot, as long as they can take good out of it, but they will drop it once they feel comfortable and move on. Its a part of life, but it hurts.

People tend to identify "breakups" as the worst moments of life, mostly cause the heart tends to put a lot of importance into relationships, especially the deep ones where the word "love" comes into play and in the serious way. Yet, if you observe it, life is a series of breakups. You breakup with family, with friends, with jobs and every single time theres an amount of pain, cruelty, denialand from one or the other side, coldness. Thats how some people either become really depressed or really mean. Some have it in them. Others learn. Others just break after the final siappointment and spiral into a series of medical prescription, bade advice and going numb through substance.

Most pills will fuck your head up and cause a chain of fixings. The first ones will have side effects, that youll have to fix with other pills and so on, until none of them really works and you're spending most of your money into chemical crap that makes you a drug addict.

That might be a way, youll have to go through. Sometimes the head chemicals are beyond repair and you wont be able to avoid the medication route. Everyone wants to, but sometimes you have no choice. Yet, sometimes you do.

For my personal experience, a bit opf numness is good. You have to gain a good level of indifference to things and people in order to live in a decent way. The heart is frail and it can be broken with no possibility of repair., so be careful. Consider that most of your friendships are not going to last. That almost all relationships end and even the people you put on a pedestal could possibly fuck you up for good ina few hours. It's not going to save you from hurting but it means whatever happens, it wont be the last time and if you're aware, it will hurt gradually less.

Plus, stick and stones and consider the source. Of everything. Some epople just lack the conept of respect and will try to stab you woith words or trying to purposefully destroy, because they can. Just know that this is a possibility, with everyone , and be oreoared when it happens. And fuck the high road. Hit them back.

Dreams are hard to achieve, jobs are hard to keep and they hardly give you satisfaction. If you get money and it sucks try to stick with it and sue the money for doing things you like. Travel, have poarty, invest in your passions. Have passions, ap'athy is death. COnsider the cubicle time as a necessary evil to get where you want. Shrug it off, that way. And if things really break down, remember that you can survive anything. every person has a chance to rebuild themselves, thats one of the few redeeming factors about people. Theres always a way to get back on your feet. It might be unpleasant but it will help you get over the bad times and gain weapons to fight.

Keep the good one close when times are tough. Enjoy the silliness and wonder of having them. Be goofy, make plans. Even plans that are hard to realize. Keep your feet in the dirt and your head between the stars. And enjoya bit of meanness towards the ones who deserve it. Some people are assholes and live well with it, but most assholes are miserable.

And no matter how horrifying the moment is, if you wait abit, something great will happen. nothing is final. Ever.

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