venerdì 6 maggio 2011

No One Gives A Fuck About You: The Truths And Myths Behind Stalkers

I dont know about you, but the level of abuse that once poignant words, are getting through never ceases to suprise me.

I mean, take for example, the word "Bullying". Remember what REAL bullies were? They were big guys, with a mean streak a mile wide, that tormented you and humiliated you, if you happened to be weak or a tad too annoying, teaching you a valuable lesson on getting stronger and growing a pair. Now, in the new age of insensitive sensitivity, everyone calls people out for "Bullying" or (i'm going to throw up) "Cyber Byullying".

I agree, words can hurt (although not as much as a broken bone, trust me) and emotional violence is bad, but still, out of all the cases of "Cyberbullying", a lot of them seem more of case of extreme love for whining and inability to cope with the fact that most people will eventually be rude, mean or aggressive, as it's a perfectly normal part of human nature. So you can see the victim, becoming the victimizer, screaming "hate" and pointing fingers at everybody, and causing witchhunts and an overload of carefulness. Or worse causing a reaction that actually make people shrug off the victims of the real thing.

"Stalkers" used to be big deal. Ask to women who have dealt with real, dangerous ones. A Stalker made you fear fpr your life. Didnt necessarily have to be a stranger, often it was someone you knew. Someone who were insane enough to make you permanently scared, but also smart enough to never attack you in an open way, so they could be caught. They threatened you in hiding, slowly corroded your will to live, and your confidence and safety. They were cats who tortured the mouse for days without actually killing it.

Nowadays, while the real deal still exists, everyone seems to have "stalkers". Theres sites, or spam, everywhere that supposedly allows yout to "track down whoever looks at your facebook or twitter profiles". That type of stuff fills out a demand generated by the suffocating obsession with self importance of a lot of people, mixed with paranoia induced by too much information and a lack of actual trouble in life.

You can see people, lately, calling "stalker" pretty much everyone: from someone who writes them one email too many, someone who answers their tweets, even epople who just happened to hang at their same place they do. Have one of these paranoid people in your life and you'll have many chances of being accused of being a "Stalker". And on a social level, it's not far from fake accusations of rape. You dont have to have actually done anything, you're pesumed guilty without having done anything and nothing you can say will prove you're innocent. The "victim" will become the one actually "stalking" you, attracted by the potential for attention, they will not let things go and make your run away and hide, cause any reaction you might have could be and will be misinterpreted.

And while the actual dramatic side effects of this arent really that big, the worst aspect of it would be how people who acyually had one of the real persecutors in their lives, will be regarded as potential liars, how a few hysterical subjects will exploit the safety measures that were supposed to help real endangered people and make the idea of "stalking" a grotesque parody. There's actual people out theree who has been broken in their spirit and soul, by fear. And often they're laughed at or ignored because of a multitude of lonely misfits who think screaming wolf is the only way to have any attention in their life.

So grow up: no one rally cares about you. Theres real victims out there and youre hurting them all over again. Back off.

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