mercoledì 18 maggio 2011

A Special Post: Uncast

I listen to many podcasts, some of them handled by people i know and care for, but in this specific case, the universe decided to put my three favourite people, three of the friends i hold closest to my heart, all in one show.

If you're reading this and thinking i'm biased, skip it and go kill yourself with a rusty spoon.

Uncast, started as a great experiment in freeform podcasting by two married highschool sweethearts (typing this is giving me the creeps, even if i've known it for a long time now) and overall hilarious people, named Dainel and Victoria. They had a bunch of guests on the show and covered any sort of topic, serious or not. That said, their chemistry is what could draw in even the most jaded listener.

Where Victoria is a sexy voiced, super smart, hilarious, joyfully twisted and engaging lady, Daniel, while still being funny as fuck, loves to play the calmer, ironic, while warm and loveable straight man. A straght man you wanna hug.

And the whole chemistry got to a whole special level with the addition to the team of a thrid host: Rhian, the lady who owns 99% of my heart and manages to be the perfect balance of sweet, sultry and humorous.

The result is a series of shows that go all over theplace, are deliriously funny, charming, dirty, moving and about everything. You will laugh, say "oh no that's inappropriate", learn about things you wouldve never even thought of, pile up audio porn moments (thanks to the combined powers of Rhi and Victoria's vocal talents and dirty minds, which you can also check on their other podcast TiltedHaloCast), connect with the plight of the sweet hearted male through Daniel.

And theres one more reason to check it out. Take a listen to the latest show. You need to. What you'll be able to hear on it, is the most candid, raw, heartmelting and honest description about life with lupus, that you will ever hear, anywhere. A talk between Daniel And Rhian that just informs and warms the soul, while getting you completely caught in the story of an extraordinary being for more than two hours. Its sweet and amazing and NEVER begging for compassion.

Do yourself a favour and listen, you'll love it. seriously.

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