mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

Be A Pervert

Lets talk about the one thing that can really make the woeld go 'rounbd and improves life considerably: perviness.

It came out discussing my taste with people, but it seems like i'm a sexual freak. I spent a lot of my sexual maturation surrounding myself with the right people, genrally all into experimentation. open sexual discussion and boundary pushing. In my own way i developed my taste for pleasure wi9th this giant and important rule: as long as you're with the right person, everything can give you pleasure, if you do it the right way.

Respecting other pèeople's boundaries and limits is important into building the right chemistry, thats a given. Still, i've been noticing and feeling a bit disappointed at how a lot of people who are approaching their pleasure, lately are way too limited about it. Both men and women, whatever their preferences are. I keep hearing about people thinking butt play, fetishes, s/m, spanking, any type of stiumlations that goes outside of the linear vanilla stuff is "gross", "freaky" or "too much". I keep hearing men brag about their sex life as an imitation of porn posture, all about the size of their cocks (which is important, but to acertain level, i think) and about slamming the poor girl fast and hard, which eventually ends being quick. That also turned a lot of female heads into the fucked up direction where all men want is to cum, and are unable to enjoy the trip and try new stuff. Which isnt true.

Honestly, i will talk about myself, since i am feeling a bit unsatisfied lately. Being a pervwert and a freak who's into trying everything at least once, is funh. Its ok to have quirks, and onjce you tune up those, you can have something that not only gives you the greatest feeling that your body can have but also makes your head (which is as powerful as sex organ as your genitals) and emotions work at 300%.

Its ok to have fetishes, if you like feet, hands, legs, the butt, the muscles everything, you should be allowed to indulge in it. If you like to have your lover dressed in some way, or dress in some fashion, you should try. Lick and scuk evrything you like and they want you to. You might needc a bit to get used to it, buit it will help you unlock stuff in them that will only bring good.

Its ok to find pain pleasurable, if handled corrctly. Sex shops and adam and eve have some costraints, collars, chains, whips and toys that can make your body a map of exquisite tortures and exploration. You only have to find the right teacher or disciple, connect and try everything. Knife play, candlewax, pins, canes or belts. Nothing goos as a nice bruise to worhsip as a sign of passage.

Role play is fun. Everything your pervert head creates can be pure bliss. A repressed fantasy is the only one that really hurts. Not trying out your desires, even the dark ones, is immense frustration., Yes, respecting the other person comes first, but always give it a try.

And finally: there isnt anything wrong with men who enjoy butt play. Men have erogenous zones in the most weird places. I had to come to terms, and explain many times to my partners, that my whole body is an erogenous zone, including my asshole. play with the whole me, and i will rewardìd you with long wild worshipping. And if you are into it, i am all for you fucking me in the butt. We are each other's fuck toy and that is what i like. Deal with it.

Feel free to add and discuss.

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