martedì 24 maggio 2011

Let's Change The World By Mass Extermination

If you read this, my next statement might sound suyrprising: i have a severt contempt towards constantly angry people. I have a fiery temper, i get extremely pissed at small things and i usually live in a permanent state of furious disappointment and raging frustration, fueled by liters of coffee. Yet everytime i hear or read someone going on a monotone ramapge on how people suck and how said person is about to snap and kill everyone, my first reaction is to consider said person a sad sack, weho probably has no real reasons to get angry, has naturally weak psyche and focuses his frustration in a constant riover of angry staments, cause it's the only way to put them . And they usually hope someone is out there to listen and possibly does the horrendous mistake of reacting, even gently to their ouytpuring of freeform negativity.

Yet, as i leanred thorugh life, most people dont really have so many problems, if they do, they deal with them in private or talk about them with a few selected ones. Or in a low key manner. The ones who constantly cry or scream how they're just an inch from snapping at least five times a day, are usually pussies. And if theres still some logic left in the world, they will be left alone ranting.

That said i am also convinced that in an incresing number of daily situations, people need to be shot and killed without legal consequences. Since punching people in the nose is a legal trouble starter (and those are a chore, since lawyers are actually demons from the Nth circle of hell who make money by turning skirmishes into life destroying messes), i think there should be a quota for legal homicides. An ever expanding number of people deserves to be shot and put out of the universe for Darwinian Improvement. As a cure against mediocrity and misery.

I'll make a few examples, so you can follow my logic or just shake your head in disdain and feel superior before you post how you wanna kill yopurself since you have a leg cramp.

- Child Molesters and Rapists: These fellas should be a given, but you would be surprised at how many still refuse to accept that they dont contribute with anything positive to society. Lets just get rid of them and feed them to starving children, in a Dantesque fashion.

- Pro-Lifers: if Jesus is so important to you that you need to stick in front of clinics where they're doing is alowing women to make the choice they're entitled to do, as human being with rights (and no a fetus isnt a human being and has no rights. fact), scream insults and not listen to logical reasoning, let me help you rech your saviour faster. Be a martyr and go, you're wasting my oxygen

- Homophobes Of all Levels, including the closeted ones: to be clear, i am not counting only rampant gay bashers in this category. I am aiming even more at people who declare themselves ad tolerant and open minded but then say they find "gayness" irritatiung, refuse to approve same sex marriage, laugh at homosexuals, make homophobic jokes that arent funny (i like gay jokes too, but you stating how "fags dies of aids" isnta joke, refuse to acknowledge that homosexuality isnt a choice, that transgeneders are what they feel they are and not what their body is and that you're not "telling it like it is" but you're just an ingorant piece of shit.... Then your existence on the planet has no purpose.

- People who take their frustration on their children: i dont care if you think you're parent of the year. If you ever thought even for a second that your child is responsible for you not doing what you wanted to do in life, made him ro her feel resposnibel for your failures, gave him guilt for not being up to your expexctations, forced him to do things he didnt want to do cause you wanted to have alittle you but better.... You need to be castrated and hung in front of you porch.

- People who think animal cruelty is ok, cause its just animals and the opposite: i cant stand anyone who justifies their own sadistic nature and inflicting torture to animals as "a normal thing". I dont give a fuck if you were rised by some psychotic inbred who taught you that beating your dog to death is good, you cant. And i dont care if you had a kid and suddenly you dont feel the same parental love for your pets anymore, you still have to care for them. Every animal is a creature with feelings, you dont have to be an animal lover to understand this. Its a matter of decency. Being cruel to animals, or thinking that its not a big deal is a symptom of being a sociopath. So i dont need you.

On a similar topic but on the opposite side, i have no place for people who obsess over their pets or animals so much that they forget nhow to have feelings for human beings. If you love your cat so much that you post pictures of him every three seconds but you hyave no feelings for people that arent of contempt and disgust, you're a bad person and you're not needed.

- People who forget that common courtesy is a duty: If i ask you something nicely and you dont even takje the time to answer ina decent manner, you havfe to die. If i am working at a customer care, tech support or similar and i am being polite with you, and you act like a douche because your position makes you feel entitled to treat me like shit, you have to die. On the other side, if i am being reasonable but you dont listen cause youre following a script or cause you're taking out your undepraid frustration on me, you die. No one has the right to be rude, no matter what position they're in. No one has the right to be snarky or condescending. If you do, i dont need you.

- People who think apthy is a right: Participating in the workings of society is a duty. You have to work, to vote, to express your opinion and give a shit about what happens around you. Apathy is disgusting and apathy justified as a "right to not care" is even worse. Dont mask your inability to raise your fat ass froma cocuh and your lack of a soul and balls as some controversial statement making. You are in a democracy: act accordingly. People fight for the right to vote and be citizens, all rights that you seem not to give a fuck about. So either man up or disappear.

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