mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

Old Words, New Tricks

I'm far from a conservative or traditionalist guy. I'm all for fucking up the extabilished order of things and experimenting with, let's say, the ingredients of logic and life, to see what kind of results you get. But i'm also a person who is really in love with the emotional value that some conncepts or words have and i noticed with a little bit of bitter disappointment, how the few lines i like to draw in my reality are getting thin, fuzzy and confusing.

Yesterday, while reading some news, for example, i noticed a series of comments on the recent hacker attack on Sony's networks, and the lack of new information on their reaction. I wont go as far as commenting on the fact itself, but i noticed how many of the people who dropped their opinion loved to use the word "uprising" and "revolt".

Those two words have a strong meaning to me. By being an ex-social worker and a very socially conscious man, i am aware on how in, some places, the idea of "revolting" against an injustice, whetger it's a big or a small one is a powerful one. An uprising is an action, expressed concretely or through taking stances that might be risky or uncomfortable. Sometimes dangerous or even deadly.

Seeing the new jaded generation, who hardly has to fight for anything (and i'm aware of how "old-man-ish" this sounds, but it's true) and thinks a job, freedom of expression, money, food, equality and democracy are something you can take for granted, express disdain for things they're not really owed and use the concepts of reolution, revolt, boycotting and injustice to talk about it, gives me the creeps.

My country is going through a devastating moment of crysis. Both economical and social. unemployement is at scary rates. The job offers come from shady places and dont guarantee the minimal requirements to substain the increased price of living. Survival is a daily struggle. The acts of protest, revolt, voting are often dangerous and snarked at by an apthetic majority who'd rather run away or surrender to the negativity to gain some sort of sell out comfort which oftens goes away after a few. People sell out , only to find themselves severely fucked after a while.

Peopel are revolting somewhere but there's a silence cap on them. So seeing people have better conditions but act like they're not a big deal disgusts me.

Also. I will be called sexist for this but i dont understand the new idea of sex roles and the conept of family that is ruling the later generations. I keep seeing weak men and angry women that complain about having to do things that are supposed to be a pleasure or a part of life. Women that refuse to take care of their children after having them. That refuse to have anything female in their life roles. That refusae to be identified with anything feminine but feel hurt if they're treated in a non-lady way.

I see men being weak, childish and whiny. Refusing to have a minimal strength or an interest into providing security for their loved ones. Staying locked into a permanent state of childhood.

I see kids complaining how their parents disappoint them and yet refuseing to detach from them and acting as adults.

That might be a conservative view, a cranky one. But i knwo of people who fight to have normal, common lives, in spite of the difficulties presented to them. Gay people who want to form a families. People who cant have kids and try to care for them. Men and women trying hard to have a role while evrythign arounfd them is wanting to squeeze them. So when i see people having possibilities, love and chances and complaining those are not enough, i get sickened.

People are indifferent and spoiled. The generations before them fought to make them comfortable and free from any trouble, so they made up problems that have no meaning and labeled them wqith old words that for other people really means something: health, hunger, oppèression, lack of love, despair, depression, injustice, racism, hate. They cry as an oppressed bunch when they were never stuck into anything in their life. Maybe its time to be harsher and harder.

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