lunedì 23 maggio 2011

The Family Disruption System

Social experiment number 666.

A bunch of bloos related individual are put into an experimental cage and given the possibility to communicate through some device, like two yoghurt cups and a wire. The perfect results in this experiment are obtained when utilizing members of a nuclear family that are currently estranged. Ideal compition is: Father (possibly old, cantankerous and mean), Mother (frustrated, sarcastic and a bit shifty), Son/Daughter (aged, weathered by life and basically well intentioned). Add brother/sister for extra side effects.

The subjects must not be able to actually communicate directly or in real time. Facial expression have to be hinted, and all dialogue must happen through said device or, even better, through virtual and disembodying instruments.

The experiment can reach a surreal, almost medieval quality if in-laws and spouses are added to the mix.

Possible Development Of The Experiment

Subject Son/Daughter communicates a factoid to Father during a bond forming at conversation.

Subject Father, after adding that subject son is a pussy, a homsoexual and a disgrace (with no real reason), informs son that he actually cares a lot about said factoid. He inform the son that he will probably die in a month, after some illness, recently diagnosed. He wants to make things better and will use said factoid as a personal confidence between father and son.

Subject Son, even if the "i am about to die" sentence has occurred many times in the last lapse of time, without any death ever happening, fells moved and guilty for the ast skirmishes between them. He feels tyhat the sharing of the factoid will be a powerful base to build a good relationship, especially sonsidering that his mother is growing more and more unstable daily and told him she would've gladly aborted him if she had the chance, last time they talked.

Subject Son feels a sudden renwed burts of affection for his father, feeling a broken relationship rebuild like in a stupid movie.

Actual "love you" phrases are exchanged.

(Time Lapse)

Call from Subject Mother. She attacks verbally Subject Son.

Subject Son pays no attention, since that happens daily. Yet, this time the attack is based on the confidential discussion that happened between him and Subject Father. The factoid has immediately been yapped between the two, who, even if they're basically separated, apparently spend most of their lives chatting on the phone about their faimilies and exchanging unpleasantries.

Subject Father has apparently told her a botched up, heavily modified version of the factoid, adding nonexistent details and various insults to her person. Also he added "he's always been a bastard, he will tell you a different story but he lies. you should've aborted him".

Subject Mother fueled herself with alchol, added some other details in her head and decided to call her son on his work phone, making his coworker snicker at her incoherent babbling, and insult him violently. She also adds that SUbject Father isnt ill and made his diagnosis up. Again.

Subject Son lets thing go. Tells himself to control himslef, then cannot and calls Subject Father to ask for clarification.

Subject Father answers "i never said that. you're making this up. actually what are you talking about, asshole?" "that thing i told you in confidence. you promised youw ould keep it to yourself" "i never said that. i dont even remeber you talking to me. youre making it up. of course you're sad and alone. your mother has gone insane because of you. i got cancer because of you" "dad..." "shut up. are you drunk? at work? do you want me to die?"....

Conversation quits with insults.

Repat until Subject Son goes insane and kills everyone.

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