martedì 28 giugno 2011

A Very Special Jules

Bless the heavens for giving me an Internet connection, and bless my hyperactive, ADD-riddled, Kinetic mind for spending time on it and making connections. As much as i try to explain how some friendships made through the web are as good as the ones you make in a pub, often better, people seem to not get it. Fact is, you meet some gems on the web, and your life improves by 300% after you've met them, because they're special beings. And they have something that will make your existence better.

Case in point: The Queen of Awesomenss (or as she would put it Chronical Awesomeness) Julianna Shapiro aka Jules. The gorgeous lady you're seeing in the pic and the mind behinf the great place of creativity, poetry, laugh, tears and general greatnass that is the "What The Jules?" website.

I could spen the whole day describing the joy of reading Jules tweets, how they're smart, informative, fun, sweet and thought provoking. How having a simple conversation with her is a moment of beauty and heart fillinb awesomeness. How her website is a source to know how being a lupus patient isnt something that stops you from being a special person. How it covers all sorts of great stories, images, sounds, things you should know and how once you're caught in her beautiful web of ideas, you feel like you've been enriched and your days will never be the same again.

I could. But the best thing you could do, is just go there and read what SHE has to say. Watch her videos. Talk To her. Ask her questions. Enter her world. Trust me, she will make yours less lame. Every day a bit more special.

Thank the heavens for giving me Jules, too.

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