mercoledì 15 giugno 2011

Time To Blow Up Stuff

A couple of points to help you understand whats behind this posts and try to catch the core message:

- I live in Italy and i am proud of being in this country. No matter what happens and how bad things go here, i will never reject my country. Even if i move away, i will never deny my origins or forgert where i was born, like many people seem to do. Time to open your eyes, europeans who move to the US: even if you have a job there, a family and your precious greencard that you bought by selling your dignity and pretendinbg to be part of the utopia, you'll still have your own country inside of you. You might scream about being in the number one country (the one with the gold medal) all you want but, depp inside you'll know that you're not fully american and that ignoring the place you come from is a low move. I wont do that, ever.

- I know that for you Stars And Stripers the universe begins and ends in your continent and sometimes in your state and since you live in the "Best Country evah", you feel entitled to ignore the fact that the rest of the world has issues and things that do not include you. Most italians dont give a fuck about Jersey Shore, we're fighting a struggle for survival and to keep our rights here. I know that you guys are used to not vote or ever read anything and wait with your fat ass on a couch for someone to fix your issues or tell you things will be alright. Still in the rest of the world, people fight for their rights.

- Recently ive been facing the issue of being incresingly unabel to pay debts, working at a ridiculous wage and fighting to find a second job. Learning daily how disastrous the economic situation of this country is and how in desperate need of a change most of my countrymen are. How that situation can break somebhody's soul, driving them towards apthy, depression and crime. How hard it is to stay clean and still try.

That said, a couple of days ago, my country spoke and, for once, i wasnt disgusted.

Four referendums were made, a couple of them on key issues. One in particular on a strong, difficult subject: voiding a law made by the actual government to allow our inanely corrupt Prime Minister to escape any legal consequence of his actions.

The media, controlled by the rotten politicians in power (and i'm aware of how conspiracy like this sounds, but its the complete truth) tried to make the referendum useless by pushing people towards abstaining and blocking any sort of information about it. They wanted to use, as they often did, the country's natural tendency towards apathy and indifference, against itself.

For once, it did not work. The turnout was high enough to allow the results to count and they were insanely high. People were saying that they are tired of being crushed.

And still, on social networks, indifference is loud. Seems that now that things were going well for once, people feel the need to state loudly how pointless, trying to exercise democracy in our country is. Disgusted sarcasm is the new policy.

This morning, reading the news, i noticed a tidbit that was almost being ignored by the main channels. A minister, speaking at a conference in Rome, answered an attempt at dialogue by a local representative of Temp Workers, by silencing her and dropping the statement "Temp Workers are the scum of this country". Then rushing away while his minions threatened anyone who wanted to react. A politician whose "job" is to make the country work, and who caused the precarious situation of the employement in the country decided to address the workers as "scum". Like an old century noble man who decicded to spit on the poor for fun.

The reactions between the few who learned (as the news are still weirdly hidden) were angry and yet, the feeling i got was of a genral "heh, what can you do?".

And there i say it: is it, maybe, time to embrace weapons. Is it time to use brute force to act? If demo0cratic actions and dialogue seem to be ginored, maybe its time to push the people into revolution. Maybe it's time to scream, since talking at a civilized volume is not loud enough.

I'm tired of realizing that no matter how hard we try, nothing we do counts. I'm tired of realizing that i'm part of a country thats, at better, treated as a cute pet by foreigners. I'm tired of being surrounded by defeat.

I'm not moving, and i'm getting pissed

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