sabato 11 giugno 2011

Levels of Learning....

I have very strong belief in one point, and it's one of my most unpopular opinions (and i hae a lot of those, not out of choice). I will say this and you should feel free to debate it, if you want (although i kinda know you wont):

For the most part, if not it's absolute totality Education (as in school and in particular the more specialized levels of it, including college) is completely useless. I'm honestly convinced that investing money in obtaining Masters, Degrees and even Diplomas is equivalent to throwing said money in a paper shredder. If i ever have a kid, i will have him sent to basic school to learn the fundamentals (reading, writing, counting, socializing and facing authority) but for the rest he will be free AND if he wants to do it he will have to pay for part of it with a part-time job.

See, i think most people who go to school, especially people who try to obtain Masters and High Level Specializations are fundamentally doing it to procrastinate the tough choices that actual life forces you to face. i know thats what i did for my part. Families always tend to believe that, by invesdting money in their children's education they will help them "shaping" their personality or worse "their future". At an even sadder level, there's an increasing number of parentsa who feel the duty of having their sons and daughter learning how to play some musical instrument, art for or (more logically) a sport.

Honestly, that is strongly delusional: a child develops his personality in a series of ways, and one of those is also school, but besides, as i said, the basics, all the rest is superflous and can be done with no excessive money investment and in more productive way: in the real world.

Part of an individual's personality comes from his family and upbringing. And that doesnt necessarily means, in my opinion, that you have to shere to specific rules in order to raise a child well. I think they will absorb something good and something bad from your peronality in any case. Also, they will absorb the way they face life according to the type of vibes they had around them while bringin up. My family gave me honesty, conscience and dignity but also fear, insecurity and loneliness.

Also, interaction with others help. An only child is a lonely person. Part of its ability to socialize will be made with other kids, but if he doesnt have a brother, it will be harder. Only kids arent necessarily spoiled. there's people with brothers or sisters that are way more spoiled than others. And theres a large number of parents who openly love one of their children and completely ignore the others. Which is also a lesson in how life works.

But only kids have to deal with loneliness for their whole life. And theres no education to overcome that flaw.

All the rest, can be learned by working and dealing with people.

Recently, a worker from a job placement agency, told me in a burst of honesty how in modern times "a degree or a specialization are a minus and not a plus, since they arent real experience and legally they require the firm to pay you more". So actual titles get you less possibility of work.

The only real currency is working a lot. Breaking your back and getting tough. I have regretted the time i wasted on books and in classes a million times, and i would never do it again. There's exceptions to that but they're rare and most of them have large financial backings from families that allow them to live in a pretend world where dreams and aspirations can be followed and eventually become true. Which isnt the case, unless you're a rich daddy girl or boy.

The only way to obtain something is by fighting and education isnt fighting. Its theory and theory is worthless.

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