mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

Gender- Bender

Whatever happened to experiencing sexuality as a playground?

When i was in my age of discoveries, which to be clear, isnt the early teens, that age is more like "the age of the awkward mistakes", i tried to fulifll my ravenous sexual appetite in all the ways my mind could think of. Honestly, i still remember that time, as the greatest and most satisfying period of my life.

In the midst of doing stuff in some sort of excessive way and doing lots of experimantations in the land of drugs and booze, the heart was often dry but sex was funb. There was hardly anything better than pleasing the senses without worryin about actual love., testing stuff for the sake of it, and learning i was or wasnt into something, cause i TRIED.

These days, i keep meeting people who talk abot themselves as "open minded" but then have turn off lists longer than their turn ons, and havent tried most of those. Lots and lots of emotions and feelings, and wanting to save themselves for the right person. Lots of virgins.

Lets clear it up: you have no excuse to be a viurgin. Every justification you come up with is botched and ridiculous. If you're a man, and you say "you can't talk to women", chances are you are a messed up person, you're not even trying and you're making up excuses in order to avoid rejection. Dont try to make it special, it wont be. If talking to the opposite sex is so painful, try a prostitute.

And even more: dont get stuck on your gender or the stereotypes about being STRAIGHT or GAY and dont make them get in the way of you felling good.

To be clear: people have prefrences, and your sexual gender or orientation is something you're born with. Yet, there's a different amount of experimentation and discoveries that some people have to do before they get to be sure of what they desire. And when it comes to simple pleasure, with no feelings involved, to learning how your senses and erogenous zones work, best thing is testing shit out.

I think i am straight. I like women, all of them. I think every single woman on this planet has something about her which is special and wonderful, engagin and arousing. Yet i tried going with guys a couple of times. Ignorant people then would've said (and still say) that was enough to label me as a "freak" or a "queer". I dont feel able to have attraction or anything seriously involving towards a mnan, but i tried sexual play with them, on a few occasion and it felt good. I would do it again, maybe, maybe in three way, maybe not, if it was just for the pleasure.

Still, i like women and i dont feel like being labeled. And i have quirks to my sexuality, like some fetish or S/M, some spice to my stuff. I like vanilla and love too. Does that make me a "freak" and if it does, and i feel good when i do it, is that an obstacle for me?

I think all this thinking, this "is it right if...", this putting rules and barriers, definitons and numbers to sexuality is killing the drive. Fuck whoever and wahtever. Dont feel ashamed. Try stuff out even if its something that you'd never do.

Going in the opposite direction is just going to turn us all into potential serial killers and rapists. Boo.

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