giovedì 16 giugno 2011

Moments of Extreme Surrealism

As an excessively self aware man, who constatly tries to find logic in the world and justify everything that happens or the actions of people, simply because i refuse to give up to the fact that most of the world makes no sense, i keep encountering moments of scary surrealism.

You dont have to be a geniuys to see those. There's something in the interaction of human beings, something that maybe is rooted in our weird animal nature or maybe is due to some strange overlooking power with a weird sense of humour.... Something that plunges everyone of us into situations that we would've probably seens as gtrotesque or unreal if we ever witnessed them with detached outsider eyes. All one needs, when you find yourself trapped into those, no matter how unpleasant they are, is to detach yourself from them and observe the situation as a stage play gone out of control.

A few examples:

The Modern Job Interview

Once upon a time, job interviews were about job abilities and about doing a job or eventually presenting your nepotism based credentials/sexual favours. Now thats still in action but in many occasions you'll be presnted with the "artsy surrelaits theatre play about the oppression of individuals" version of it. Remember (if you ever read about them, dont expect you to have actually seen them) those weird hippie things (movies or whatever) where people had to do illogical things in weird rooms in order to please humourless authority figures? Close.
My latest job interviews (considering that looking for a job, nowadays is required also for people who already have one) contained:

- solving a weird game on paper like "match the three images" in under 30 seconds
- answering questions like "if you could be one of our products which one would you be"
- seeing a guy who cannot read properly without pointing his finger on the paper and never went to school, being hired at a highly qualified position

The Facebook Zoo

Once upon a time, a jewish nerd with a relatively normal face, deicded to create a way for people to actually keep in contact with each other, meet new friends and socialized with the help of the shapeless immensity of the Web.
Cue to years after anbd what you have is a place where people virtually stab fingers in each other, freak out over invites to happenings that will not actually take place (Event: my kitty's new shoes! RSVP), play to fake videogames that are an excuse to give each other spam, stalk each other even when they didnt use to do that, communicate through openly irritating comments (what do you say to a person which "likes" everything? is that a form of flirting?), create drama or wrongness into anything and basically bust balls.
And everything is searchable on google, even the private stuff. Yeah, i know you think its "phunneeeeee", but could you stop posting links to weird applications and groups that spam my email? dont make me punch you.

And the alternative to that is a place where people shout non seuqiturs at each other in 140 characters. I get it now, this is a trick by the jews to create chaos. Damn Zuckerberg, id hit you if you didnt look like a guy that woiuld probably chew my fist off.

The Project Game

Wwhen you start a rpoject where you're putting your heart and being all enthusiastic about it, chances are there's a main person who places funds in it and is supposed to be the driving force. Someone whose presence is more important than yours and has power to decide the life or death of the project. Well, following the surrealist law, this guy is usually a complete nutjob.

Inject a well needed dose of sarcastic pessimism into your heart and expect this laughable events:

-Said person asks for a million reworking of the project because he isnt really convinced. Nothing specific, it just doesnt feel "right". "I cant explain, its something, just do it again, cmon...."
- They set changes to the project that dont make any sense and make it look stupid or give active roles to their spuses or best friends. the project becomes laughably stupid.You cant say anything cause they have the money and you dont.
- They have weird phases of complete silence where you cant reach them after pulling several sleepless nights on the work. You get panicky and desperate. Then they pop up, ignore your complaint and suddenlya sk you to "start working for real"
- That will happen almost all the time: They will drop from the project and blame it on you. It will happen in a devastatingly passive aggressive way, in silence and with no explanation. Lies will be told, things that make no sense will be said. You will go crazy.

The forementioned points can be applies to "projects" ona more philosophical level as marriages, relationships, firendships. Failure has a weird pattern in its development and tends to look that way. The logical way to react is get back on track and start new things but despair is understandable

I have more but you'll have to wait.

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