sabato 25 giugno 2011

Acts Of Social Debauchery

One point of view i started sharing with the army of possibly physiscally repulsive, and never to lose their virginit, smelly shut ins that root for social terrorism on the internet, is that our actual world is a pile of obnoxious shit that needs to be set on panic mode once in a while.

I despise the whole Anonymous movement. If you dont know who or what they are, picture a bunch of mentally deficient pranksters with no life to speak of, that decided to form a group, with (hear hear) some sort of manifesto, and turn hacking and trolling as a social statements. Ok i guess, there was too much internet lingo there too. Well they are the internet version of an asshole who, since no one invites him to parties (and yead they probably are all men, cause only misspent testosterone makes you THAT cocky and self assured of importance you do not have), decides to bomb the party place and says he did it "as a statement against exclusivity", while hiding behind his laptop.

Anyway, the world still needs to be reminded, sometimes, how silly it is, so follow these couple of examples on how to creative hilarious and thought provoking social disruption.

The FaceBook Final Demolition

we all know that Jewboy's social network is about to fall (no offense to jews, i just find the term funny). Still a lot of people seem to be completely obsessed by it and need to post increasingly deep and heartfelt status updates. There's where the true target is, not on twitter. People on FaceBook are the sensitive ninnies that think they're above the internet game, say that "they only interact in real life", but still, at nigt, update their wall with sentences that are a cry for attention.

So, take all your contents and post devastating answers to their status updates, like:

- "Your Mom"
- "Fart"
- "Very appropriate, you fight like a cow"
- "Oh yeah?"

Introduce a drop of fear in their quiet.

The racial issue

In Small towns, everyone thinks they're not racially sensitive or is completely racist while denying it. You know those pubs where all white kids go and drop stuff like "hey i aint racist, i got black friends, i'm just saying that they're all criminals. What? I tell it like it is!". Or, you have those that are all bleeding heart and seem to alweays be fighting for the rights of oppressed groups even if the groups really dont need their fake sympathy.

Thats where you get in. Get a partner and a disguise. You'll dress up as a latina Stripper and her pimp (use outrageous fake names like Ramon Chorizo and Pepita Crabs). The lady must have a fake pregnant stomach, with a fake baby made of choclate milk inside.

Then stage a terrifying fight. Scream horribly sterteotypical insults to each other. Lots of references to "crossing the border", "Mowing lawns", chihuahuas and being smelly. Then stage a beating, with the man ripping the fake baby out and eating it.

Thoughtful reaction will be the night's specialty.

It's Okay To Be Very Gay

Go to the closes homo-bashing picketing. Usually they're at soldier's funerals or wherever people are suffering and need some ignorance in their lives.

Get a same sex partner. One of you should dress as a very flamboyant homosexual (the cartoonier the better), the other should be dressed as a symbolic figure of anti-gayness, like a priest, a nun or a housewife. Got the riot separately. The one of you acting as a gay should pay attention to not be killed before the staging starts.

Pretend to meet randomly, playing your parts. The (for example) priest, should go overboartd with "gays are an abomination" slogans. T%he gay should speak with a lisp, blast out Donna Summer or Lady gaga from a boom box and scream "we're here, we're queer".

Fake attack each other in a burts of violence, then start making out and having sex in public. have the priest screaming "Oh fuck god, he doesnt have a cock like this!".

Disurption abounds

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