giovedì 23 giugno 2011

Music For Your Pockets (And a Tiny Rant): Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters "The Devil In Music"

Ok, let's make a deal.

I'm going to give you a chance to test another awesome band that i think doesnt have the recognition they deserve. If you trust me, you'll get the album, listen to it, love it and after that you'll support the band. I'll give you a couple of links where you can do that, and you'll have to. Why? Let me explain.

Life is pointless without music. Oh i know, you have plenty of important things in your life that you think make it special and fuilfilled. Or you tricked yourself into thinking that you dont have time to devote to music because your sweat stinking cubicle is all your head seems to care about.

But yeah, there's no need to live, if music isnt in your life. Music is one of the main elemnts of living and of being human, like love or sex. You need music, because its the most pure way to get emotions, feelings and sensations to your heart and mind in an instant way. P?eoplpe who create it are giving their heart to you.

So, Music isnt disposable, its a tangible thing that has to be supported and bought. You have to give a musician money as the due tribute for the gift, the special, amaziong gift, they've given you. You cannot take it and ingore it, or treat it like its a pointle4ss thing to fill time and silence with. Some musicians out there make lives better. More than anyone else, and the main thing thbey ask is a bit of support. So if you dont give it, you're a scumbag.

Dont say you cant afford it. Have you eaten today? Have you bought some stupid thing you di not need? Have you made phone calls? Have you spenty money on any things that was really necessary? Then youre not "Poor". If you say that, you're a liar. You MUST support music, it's all we have to keep us from being walking dead. And musicans must be encourage to make more.

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters are from Ireland, and make a mixture of the bristling energy of roc, the soul shredding beauty of blues and a lot of deep, moving doses of roots music.

Under the elctricity, the mood, the bluegrass/folk touches and the great, soulful, smokey voice (makes me think of mark lanegan) there's just an album that moves the heart and makes the booty shake.

So, take a Bite

Then, get the album on the great Bandcamp

Seriosuly, do it.

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