giovedì 14 aprile 2011

Stuff That Actually Sucks: The Endless Abyss Of Music....

It hurts to be typing this, my main solace is that, like most of my rants, it will go unnoticed and forgotten fast and easily. Still. My own life source has been violated and stained. My main love, my lady, my lover and companion, my mistress has goten lazy and fat. And she doesnt love me as much as she used to.

Oh music, why have you forsaken me? I still love you. You still fill 23 hours of my 24 hour day. But when did it become almost a chore to find the good parts of you? I used to love every side of you, from the silly beat of disco dance, to the brutal marble gargle of extreme balck metal.

You never bored me, ever. Seein a show, hearin a record, even a song on the radio was like making love with new superb partners every time. Yet now i'm listening to the new album by a band i used to adore, Dredg and what i hear is a bunch of soulless plastic tunes that i will forget in a minute or so.

And its happening so often too. Radiohead, which made me shiver and tear up, does a record that everyone talks about and no one really likes. The one that says they enjoyed it are all saying the same trite wording i keep hearing for so many albums and songs lately "well you need to listen to it more than once". After that it's "well you need to listen to it in the special extra priced CD version". After that "well yeah, it sucks but they did so much good stuff". And its not just about one pretentious bunch of hipster.

Crack pop music used to be silly bublegum for the ears, but even those songs are all the same. Same vocals, same melodies, samne beat. I dont feel like dancing and i aint having fun. You're no Ke$ha, Rebecca Black. Where's the power of fluff and the exhilarating siliness that makes my bootay shake? Everything leaves me cold.

And metal. What's happening to you metal? You used to be adrenalizing, glorious and thundering. Your sound used to destroy universes and make me want to snap my neck. All i hear lately is bands repeating tired stuff from the good days. Megadeth, Metalliuca, Slayer, what happened to you? It wasnt selling out, i would've appreciated that more. Instead you went into the horrible soulless world of mediocre aito-pilot songwriting, where there's no emotions or soul, and you make songs that leave nothing inside and everyone says "well could've been worse".

Alternative and indie, dont get me strated about you. You used to be the land of emotion and experimentation, now you all sound alike. And i dont dislike clones. I'm fine with something that sounds like some other thing i like. But if it leaves me cold and all i notice is your cute dress, well fuck you. All pointless song, with choruses that have no edge, those prettied up instruments and the constanjt dreadin feeling that you couldnt care less about a new album or new songs and you'd rather do something else. What happened? Yes Dredg, Queens Of The Stone Age, Coldplay.... I'm lookin at you.

And the fans. We used to eb a community. Now its nerds and fanatics. The writers are douchebags that like to hate. The fanboys would love anything by their favourite band even if its a perfumed dump and dont accept discussions on the flaws that are getting oh-so-evident. Talkign about music has become hard as talking about religion and politics. I am starting to avoid the issue with the same disgust and fear of pointless arguing.

What happened, my lady? I knwo youa int dead, you know why? The unsigned. The outcast. The little niche ones. The less known styles. The retro kids and the old masters that never really cared about arenas. The blues, the rock, the classic electro, the experimentation, psychedelia, garage, disco... There's millions out there that still believe in you and are fighting against indifferent labels, snobby critics, and a public that couldnt care less about a real tune. And they do it because you're in their blood and you make them feel alive.

I believe in them, music. They can make you pretty again. I'm not giving up baby. Together forever.

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  1. My 2 cents: the fact that you're expecting more and more great music from bands with 30+ years careers on their shoulders (Slayer, Metallica, etc), or hopelessely gaytard (like Dredg, Radiohead, Coldplay etc etc) means you're becoming OLD, my dear! :)

  2. I bordered the subject here, btw.
    Sempre Niccolò.

  3. well. im aware of being old and cranky. BUT even the young and not gaytarded bands arent as good as they used to be.

    i'm definitely pro underdog. the unsoigned bands who still play out of passion still make my loins tremble!

  4. GREAT post, btw, Niccowood. I'll follow you in the future.

  5. Thanks! And check awesome awesomenss by Valient Thorr, Clutch & Mastodon!