mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Ideas That Will Make You A Poopillionaire

Since the economy is messed up and wont fix herself, that silly broad and looking for extra jobs is boring and takes away time from designing giant robots that can conquer the world, i decided to start listing some creative and new ways to become rich to the point of emabarassment.

I'll give some here, because i trust you guys. Dont steal my ideas, though, be nice. Dont make me google you and give you a wedgie:

- Create New Reality Shows That Exploit Uncovered Areas Of Humanity (Inspired by TiltedHaloCast)(Yes in Bold. Too Lazy to Turn It Off. Screw You Nerds)

Seems unblievable these days, where any sort of sadsack, freak or attention craving misfit seems to have been exploited by a reality show. But still the Universe, as one can learn on the scientific show Doctor Who, is large and full of stuff. So, even sticking to earth and humanity, there's still uncovered portions.

Examples: "Who Stole My Garden Gnomes?" (where a troupe steals the garden gnomes of some random suburbanite and watch while they attack the closest ethnic neighbour), "Oh My, i Turned Into A Negro!" ( a resident of Bumblefuck, Whitetrashia, is covered in permanent black paint and then filmed as he goes through his life convinced to be black), "Panda Wives" (a bunch of unhappy ladies, is promised a million and a tv show if they get officially married to a panda for a month. They're filmed and shenanies happens).

Please do give some contributions!

- Porn Versions Of Everything

That one has also been exhausted too but theres still untouched areas. Actually, the hugest trick is that you do NOT have to make an actual movie! Patch together some clip from the internet (like anyone really cares about copyright, duh). Touch the untouched (wink wink), discover the undiscovered (waka waka), jizz the un-jizzed (hubba hubba).

Examples: "This isnt Locats" (random porn scenes with superimposed funny mispelled phrases. Meme porn! "LOL I IZ CUMMIN! CAN I HAZ YOUR PENIS IN MY VAGINA NOW?), Angry Penises (yes, the porn version of Angry Birds! As i said, random scenes with a short animations of.... Well Birds jumping into Pig's Asses? Well yeah, you catch the bestiality crowd too, that way! WIN!)

- The Aww-Hotline

All those web cam hotlines, and sex chats are montone. All you hear is "Oooh aaaah i so wish Your cock was in me. Oooh aaaah i'm sooo horny you little shit" (I've been told! Stop Laughing!).

Nobody thinks of the sensitive guys! Lets do a line where a chick with boobies out (There seems to be an abundance of those in the world) or a guy with his ass out (or his balls. no idea whats popular) actually is cute and lovingly dimishing like real lovers are.

"awww, dear. I dont care if your dick is small. size doesnt matter"

"let me tell you my day at work. yes you can fap."

"do i look fat in those crotchless panties?"


These are some. Also one can start a band with a catchy name but no music (no one really listens to it), like "The Outrageous Zucchini". All you need is a name and Twitter.

Or be a Professional Meme. Create a fake Twitter Account with a weird monicker and a catchy picture ans hout stuff that is cute but controversial. Then, Merchandise!

Well there's more i guess. You give some, leeches!

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