mercoledì 27 aprile 2011

The Sony Issue or Why I Realized People Are Whiny Babies

Ok, if you're a nromal person, yopu might havent heard about this story and i envy you. Lets just say that its a nice example of incompetence from a majror comapny in handling their shit and how a press statement semmed to directly root iunto the alarmist, panicky and slightly logorrhoic core of the berdier side of the internet, causing a massive flood of pointless and incorrect statements that filled me with anough disgust to question my presence on the internet and pon der the decision to cut off a lot of my contacts.

On the 19th of apil 2011, the PlayStation Network went offline. An incredibly high number of people were seriously affected by this, it seems, since the newtork is the primnary source for updates, contacts, patches and information for Sony Console owners. Also any form of online gaming, with the sore case of the recenly released Portal 2, was put on hiatus.

No info was given at the date about ehat was actually happening. Still, being a cynical and distrusting memeber of society (rerad: an adult), my first thought was "it's either an overload of users or a hacker attack".

On the 26th, after a whole week of silence, Sony released a Press Statement where they informed the public that there actaully was a hacker attack on the network's servers, a security breach, and that "personal info" (including credit card numbers, passwords and other specific informations) had probablyt leaked.

And that caused a collective panic attack. Which, personally, i think is retarded.

First: hacking happens regularly. Credit Card numbers, personal info and stuff like that is sold, given away or taken constantlky since the day it became available evry single time a transaction on the web is done. No matter how much a company is legally responsible to keep data safe, their lawyer guarantee them a safe exit in case of a breach. They say they will kjeep them safe but it has been repeatedly proven they wont. Evertytime you buy stuff on Amazon, give your details to Paypal, have a transaction on ebay, you are under a large risk of having your infromation stolen. Or, most definitely sold through some loophole in yopur privacy statement.

The main difference is that no one tells you about it. such hacking attacks, have a background of treachery that is close to a war. Even the information about the attack themselves is manipulated in order to conduct the business wars. Why did sony decide to make the statement so late? how many knew of this before? Why did they choose to word it so boldly, knowing it will result in a huge psychotic backlash against them? How much of this story is still unknown.

Yet, thanks to the childish soul of the internet and a whole genration of people whoprobabgly never faced a serious problem in their life, a wave of overreaction has spread like a fuckin virus.

People are blocking their bank accounts. Cancelling credit cards. Talking about post apocalyptic scenarios where identities are stolen by mysterious entities with no name (who the cuck would stole your identity? Seriously? Why would anyone want to be YOU?).

At the software store i work at, today, people were wanting refunds for their Playstatioons, trying to get information we couldnt give, trying to sell back consoles and games with really no reason.

As much as Sony needs to be blamed for their attitude, this whole things speaks volumes about the hysteria that is the soul of this fucked up generation of bored morons that have way too much time on their hands and no real life experience in dealing with accidents. Being hacked, scammed, mugged is a daily risk. Yes, your data and your money should be safe, but it WONT happen. It's a risk you have to take into consideration.

And no, it doesnt block you from buying stuff online as much as knowing that going out of your house means you might get mugged, doesnt make you become a scared hermit. Excessive information, overzealouness is PARANOIA.

You're all allowed to be indignated and pissed. But obsessing on it wont solve anything. It happened a week ago. It's too late to prevent anything from happening. They probably already got their asses protected from any lawsuit and will get out of it easily. So your fussin and scraeming is pointless. Evrytime you use a credit card, you're at risk. There is no safety. Internet isnt safe. Crying cause, FOR ONCE, you learned about some of the truth, is childish.

Still you can. Keep complaining how offensive this is. You will hardly loose money and no one will steal your identities. Nothing in your life will change, while much more tricky stuff happens daily. But if this feels your day, go on. Post about it. Scream, cry, fuss. As much as i get paiud, i-ll take back your ps3 and move on. I-ll unfollow you on twitter and facebook is 90% of your posts are about this and think less of you from now on.

Shit happens, grow up.

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