sabato 9 aprile 2011

Shamelss Pleasures

I am a silly goofball.

And i have a horribly silly (although depraved) sense of humour.

Not ashamed about it, i am also a brilliant egnius that dioscovers all that is awesome on the planet and improves my surrounding's level of kewl by 300%. Still i need to enjoy some things that are openly silly, stupid, homosexual in the non-cock sucking way and should be defined as "guilty pleasures", only i dont feel guilty. At all. Ever.

- Flamboyantly Gay Pop Music/Movies/Anything

Lets be clear: i didn NOT say all pop. I cant force myself into liking most of modern pop tunes, mostly cause i dislike autotuning or anything that makes music sound plastic-y.

Still, you have a good chance to win my heart if you do a terrifyingly over-the-top-disco tune, sing in falsetto or in an excessively dramatic way and have lyrics filled with winkwink double entendres. Or even better, with openly crass and vulgar sexual refrences.

ILOVE the Sicssor SIsters, i adore Abba, I used to love The Village Peoeple (before they turned into a recurring nightmare at local fairs, marriages and parties where retarded hilbillies hang and their ignorant hosuewives think they're "wild" cause they know the moves by heart. only they uslly fuck them up half way).

Also i am weirdly attracted by anything homosexual in narrative, movies and all sorts of entertainment. More flaming, the better. Dont ask why. I'm openly a pervert and multi-sexual but i cant be classified as gay, still everything campy and queen-esuqe makes me giddy. And squee.

- Humour That Is Not Supposed To Be Funny

Yeah, i like risquè humour, comic that touch taboo topics and black humour. Sure, i am a smaaaaaaaaht fella.

Still i have also an unstoppable, uncotainable love and giggles for jokes about race, minorities, child porn, rape and the disabled. At a worring level.

And if i'm uppy enugh i'll take that even further and laugh histerically at tragedies, scour the web for horribly wrong and perverted photos, visit "Encyclopaedia Dramatica" (the land of the heartless schattenfraude in the intertnet era. pages and pages devoted to humiliating and destrying the weak. although they kinda sold pout when they took down their "niggers" or "dagos" page. wimps), look for super-racist comic strips that are so wrong they would offend any sane person....

You're not supposed to laugh. Yet it's like staring to a tiger with down syndrome. Sad, yet fascinating.

- Fucktarded Iphone Games

There's plenty of game designers that are trying to create catchy stuff with good ideas with portable devices, and yet i enjoy the type of stuff that usually squeaky girls would love.

Not even Angry Birds, thats quite good,. I enjoy stuff like "Rboto Dog Attack" where you're a robot dog and you attack other robot dogs. Or everything featuring Tappi The Bear. Endless variations of Kittens, Pigs, Puppies. All doing different variations of the samne thing which is usally jumping very high to reach stuff, being thrown around or fighting giant bubbles with cuddly eyes.

I giggle retardedly while playing

- Stuff That Teaches Kids Abut Drugs and Things
Saturday morning old school cartoons were cool ut what's even better is the "very special episodes" of cult favourites teaching lessons about drugs (like the deadly marijuana. think of the amazing "Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue" where even Michaelangelo the Teenage Turtle is against pot. MICHAELANGELO! Who's next? Shaggy?). There's something about the Baby Flinstones teaching the dangers of pot (always pot...) or an entire Smurf village being bombed with even mutilated Smurfs that is so worng it rocks. Give me Rainbow Brite against Pedos any day of the week. As usual there's more..... Does that make me a dashingly cute bad person. Of course it does. You love me.

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