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The King Of All Awesomeness: Doctor Who

Unless you're a monobrow barbarian who lived under a rock for the lòast century or you're one of those willfully ignorant people who think that not following anything is "cool", you probably heard about Doctor Who. Any respectable pop culture person knows abou the series, any british person was (up to my knowledge) tested on it in school with penalty of death and references to it are as engrained in modern knowledge more than any other fictional creation, possibly.

That might be, because it is one of the most succesful creation of sci-fi, because it has been running for almost 40 years, because it has permeated common knowledge with its lingo, characters, worlds and ideas, because its many iconic images (from the time travelling phone booth shaped ship Tardis, to the devastatingly cool looking enemies that the main charcaters face, one for all the almight Daleks). Probably just beacuse its so delightfully accomplished and evolved, that anyone witha slight hint of taste and a heart can pretty much agree that it's a masterpiece. And it's as close top art as you can get.

A running joke between the purveyors of the new age of bullying snarkiness, its the subject of "nerds". Nerds, lately, have been atrtache3d to any form of interest or passion (from computers to basic movie knowledge). In simple terms, in these days, you can be called nerd very esily: all you need is an interest you're passionate about and a bit of an attitude. But the early idea of "Nerd" was often attached to Dungeon & Dragons and Doctor Who. Gives you a slight idea of how completely devoted the fans of this series are and how careful i'm trying to be while i talk about it. Doctor Who fans love the series, whether its in complete span or the more recnt revived verison, more than any other fan loves any other thing. Talk with any follower of a fictional creation and you'll meet passionate people and spoilering shitheads, but you'll hardly find people whoi love characters and stories as much as The Doctor Fans.

All i can say is that they're right.

The series took form from its low-budget, quite campy and slightly humble origins, mutatted through years and turned the deceptively simple concept of an alien Time Traveler, hi camopuflaged ship and his copmainions, into sopmething that defies genres, categorization and format and touches all the chords of the emotional spectruym to be purely epic and immensely powerful.

While some miught enjoy some incarnation of The Doctor better than others (cause, to be clear the docotrs defies death by regenrating his body and shifting his appearance, while retaining his mind and knowledge. a nice idea that allows the series to survive while actors eventually leave it) or have preferences in terms of seasons, actors, storylines and authors, the main power odf the series is one giant blow to the immagination, heart and soul.

It's a ride.

It starts with epic credits, right away. Glorious theme song, off kilter visuals, a feeling of glorious eye boggling energy. It goes through comedy (great memorable, quotable comedy), drama, horror, space travelling majesty, epic storytelling, tales that intertwine in one big tissue laughters and a lot of tears. You fall in love with the characters, root for them, follow them into this giant joyride into styles, ideas and incredible plots, through paradoxes, historical refrences, pop culture meltdowns and momenbt of pure poetry. They drag you by the heart and make you addicted. And one story after the other it thrills you and excites you and exhilarates and becomes part of your life, in a way that you wouldnbt have expected., Cayuse, simply, who could have thought that a sci-fi saga, with great lines and a mind bending taste for quirk and creativity coul get you so much, after many others failed.

And at the top of your cynicism, you want more and quote it. You want tos pread the love and you dont get why people dont love such awesomeness as much as you do.

Turns out that becoming a nerd is quite easy, when The Doctor's charming face is involved.

But its such a great great thing.

Add: Just learned that Actress Elisabeth SLaden, who shined as one of The Doctor's great companions, Sarah Jane, died due to cancer complications. Bless your soul, miss.

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