mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

The Real Art of Poetry!....

"Poems are like babies. They're beautiful to their own creators but awkward and annoying to anyone else" - Doug Stanhope

"What i actually meant, baby, is that your poems are so cool and hot. No, really. You're a genius, a true sensitive soul. For real. Yeah, they dont understand you cause they're jealous. Yeah i do get you babe. I'm Italian, i know art. Can you blow me now?" - Me

Fear Not, heartbroken student that has to do a soul shredding poem for the hip writing class and wants also to impress the emo-hipster girl/boy by showing it's inner beauty!

Fear Not, frustrated housewife with ambitions but really no talent, that has fucked up knitting, painting and sculpture in a row and cant do yoga cause you're too fat and lazy, so you take up poetry to express your childhood dreams!

Fear NOT wanna be hipppie that hangs out to the local poetry club to get some but always sees girls go out with Jacques The Talking Clitoris Man and wants to read poems out loud so someone will give him a pity handjob!

I come to you, with cool poetry examples that you can show off, and act like they're yours!

Inspired my beloved friend Lilly, who appreciated my first try, here's my free (well you can donate, i always like money and drugs) POEMS!

Divided by Feeling, like all true art is:

First Love (A Feminist Scream)

Glassy eyed
Mother buys groceries
I Let my flow cover you
You were my first orgasm
And still the best
Mechanic Pony
Boom-Chika-Pow Pow

Outcast (A Racial Teardrop)

I speak In jarbled tongue
I show my true colors
My brotherhood
But i'm refused
And laughed at
I aint Black
Nor white
I am both
It's a hard life
For A Juggalo

Father (A Family Walla Walla)

I stare

At your picture
On a Screen
You come
And Go away
Different Faces
Same Man
Same Thing
Come and take me away
From This valley
Of mortification
They dont love me
You would
Please Do
Doctor Who

Well. Ok, it's tree but i need to pee. Art is such a burden. Contribute! And thank Lilly, she's a genius. (

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