lunedì 18 aprile 2011

The Death Of Human Decency: a Healthcare Tragedy

I dont have the cocky bravado and confidence to proclaim myself as an issue expert or even a person that can brag about knowing possible solutions to social problems. Still i aint deaf and i have a heart (although i do my best to silence it, increasingly) and a conscience (that has a say in important things like true conscinces should have).

I can pretty much say with no fault, that the healthcare issue is a BIG problem to any country. Even if you want to stay off from the political side of it, be hugely indifferent, join the party of "meh, i cant do anything about it" (the most horrifying lie that ever was scarred into people's minds) or be one of the obnoxioous flag wavers that "trust their governement and are okay with how things are" (usually americans are guilty of that in 90% of the cases, but there's a bunch of those guys in every country, no matter how fucked up)there will be a moment where you'll need to have your health observed or the health of someone you care for and chances are, you'll be hugely clusterfucked by the gigantic flaws that any system has in that depratment. Sure, if you're rich (and even in those days of rampant unemployment and money hemorraeging, theres still some assholes who have enough money to make everything look "ok" and let the common men die and suffer, as long as they can afford their own survival.

Still, the rest of the world, is either dying or struggling. Having to jump through hoops that are gettin smaller and smaller while no one really cares and fat liars like Michael Moore twist issues in order to make partisan points, and hiding the ctual truth. With the result that no one really cares anymore about anything and things just stay the way they are.

The case i'll try to address here, is not only a situation that involves a person i love, but it's a great example of a series of huge failures piling up, in a country (Canada) that a lot of naive thinkers pointed out as an example of unflappable democracy and care for the citizen. If a presumed haven is fucking up that bad, just think of how things couyld go wrongly in other places and get your rioting gears ready. It's not too late.

The main character in this farce is my friend and muse Rhian, a delightful, creative, kind person, who found hersle diagnosed with the very debilitating Lupus, an illness that is still weird and mysterious to most and incapacitates the body of many people afflicted from it, while keeping their heads and souls awake and sensitive to scarring. The illness has made her unable to do daily things without major struggle and efforts, put her in need of constant care and attention and made her unable to work, while still needing a constant protection from daily threats, whhile looking for a way to survive. A similar situation, would've probably destroyed most people. She is a ballerina and a lively person. Fierce and proud of her own independence. Illness has made her needing of others, and while she is loved and surrounded by people, she still has to struggle constantly against pain and disability while fighting the indifference of people and the coondescending cynicism of a worsening society thats eem to care less and less for people and thrive on cruelty towards its best (and less aggressive) members.

As a Canadian Citizen she has been denied an access to Disability with weird loopholes and requirements, and bureaucratic labyrinths that are as costly as time wasting. Apprently she hasnt enough income to fight for her own life, but enough to be ignored by the system She has been left on her own devices by a sanitary system that hasnt informed her about the requirements.

Doctors that have prescribed expensive treatments that Canadianj healthcare doesnt seem to cover. Now she has to fight against that and face a general feeling of indifference or fake statemnts of how "everything is fine" (which are omnipresent and remind me of those people that allowed the rise of dictatorships as long as they were granted a minimal survival).

Lately she has quoted to me a statement given to her on this issue: How the focus of Canadian healthcare, during these times, should be on the percentage of curable people. So that should exclude her. Since she's terminal, chronicl and afflicted by an u8ncovered illness, she can be left alone to rot. Apparently the system is giving up on her while she is still alive, denying her dignity and the means to fight back. She is alive, though and strong. And she is NOT a victim.
Doesnt need pity or compassion but a firm hand to hold on though the fight

She has a blog, which you can read to discuss the matter with her and support her. Or even have clearer views on the issue. Do it. Its one person but this plague its spreading its cracks all over the world and not talking about it or noticeing it just makes it larger.

Time to react before well die from it, alone.

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