giovedì 28 aprile 2011

The Amazing World Of Doom: Doommantia

Fuss out all you want, people. Your pop, hip-hop stuff, your Rebecca Blacks and Jay-Z's will get the coverage on the radio and the big sales but the true soul of music isnt in mainstream.

The heart is in the genres that live underground, have a devoted following and musicians that play out of passion, loveand true magical inspiration. Grown up on the power of music and set on the purpose of promoting it, shgaring and making it stronger.

It's in those places you find the true communities. Great people who love music more than anything, and share their love with each other, supporting the bands, filling up shows and creating a scene that lives a life of it's own and helps newcomers discoverijng great albums and bands that might change their lives for the better.

My favourite genre is Doom, followed by Stoner Rock, Sludge and all the riff worshipping children of that magnificient downtuned mother. Raised on Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Saint Vitus. Developed in a multitude opf bands that use tyhe power of the guitar riff to reach the height of space and the infinite. Crushing the amps but touching the heart and guts, creating glorious pieces of emotion with the visceral impact that almost nothing else has. It's a style that gets you addicted and its almost endless, filled with tons and tons of amazing bands, festivals, albums, and different approaches. A multitude ion which you could almost get lost.

And there's where the Doom Community gets in. I tols you about those two great weekly doses of joy that are Crestfallen and The Soggy Bog, the two best music oriented posdcats i have the luck to know.

The other great resources are websites. there's lots ouyt there, but one of my absolute favourites is the great Doommantia.

Managed by the knowing and Doom-Savvy Ed, Doommmantia is pretty much the ultimate èplace to go to learn up to date news on the genre, read serious reviews (not the type manipulated by labels, sometimes even scathing), intelligent interviews, get reccomendations anhd get some amazing albums from their great store, full of gems at a perfectly reasonable price. And links to great bands you can check out on the marvel that is BandCamp (probably the best resource to discover unsigned bands and get their stuff directly without giving money to The Man).

Also a whole bunch of great writers roam there, including Mari, my friend, colleague from the Sludge Swamp (another community turnpike that will get even bigger) and smart Doom essayist.

Even if you think the music isnt your style, check it out anyway, the place might get you into a great world. Doooooooooom!

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