domenica 3 aprile 2011

Natural Uppers and Chemical Shit.

Let me be clear: i H-H-H-HATE (stutterin on the "H" to sound more passionate) blogs/websites that talk about natural remedies. I hate everyone who promotes the new-ageish approach to nature as a solution to all evil. And i kinda het vegetarians too. Not sure of how they fit in the picture, there, but there's a connection between neo-hippiues that only eat algae, listen to synth based music to enhance the hidden power of their brainwaves and use crystals and PSPro moidified nature scenes as avatars.

And i am not saying this out of some conformist, anti-hippie hatred, since it seems trendy to be that type of hater. I have tried all of the above, music therapy anjd crystals included. I tried meditation, Bach flowers, veganism and it's not for me. It just didnt have any effect on my chemical weathered and hyper rational psyche. I even tried hoodoo fer chrissakes (more on that in the future).

So, i kinda dislike when that type of very faulty philosophy get mixed by ignorant people with the great planetary resource that are TRUE natural remedies. Such ignorance have caused me to avoid those beauties for years, thinking they were some scam like the Bach Flowers (and those are a scam. i dont care if you believe inb them, they are a SCAM. grow up.). And i was wrong.

Being riddled with insomnia, depression and the side effects of meds, i always have to fight with a brain that does not work as it's supposed to. It is functional, but the lack of proper rest, the abuses and the chemical reshaping have takena toll on its speed and elasticity. I like to think fast and easily, and to have a body that has the energy of a hurricane. i need to be at 300% power all the time. Meds take that away.

That was until i discovered this magical combination and tried it, getting over myt skeptic nature: Ginseng, Guarana, Ginkgo. And other stuff that adds, like Royal Jelly but isnt that important. Those and lots of coffee. Ginseng is the sexy root you see in the picture. I wont go inbto the scientific details. Thats not why i do this blog. I'll just say that taking the pure extract of the root, a licorice tasting dark goo, daily has filled me with liquid boost. Adding Guarana, a root that has similar effects to caffeine and ephedrine but without the psychotic side and Ginkgo created the magical mixture.

Some might tell you that this stuff makes you anxious, have a racing heart or restless. I wont lie, it can happen. But the good is too good to drop the opportunity. All you'll havce to do is find your right dosage. And it wont be like Adderall: people who use adderall are junkies. And their brains are fucked and useless after a while. It wont happen here. Let this stuff get synched up with you anjd you'll think better, have a powered up physicality, more sex drive( i already had a huge one but this made it even stronger), more ideas, more strenngth and stamina and a general "feeling awesome" vibe. Dont use chemicals when you can obtain this with nature.

I cant begin to tell you how disgusting and sad is to hear some people say that they need prescription drugs or worse to keep up, and yet refuse to use this stuff cause its silly, expensive or not effectivew enough. All prescription stuff is drugs and it will kill you or eat your brain up in the end. You might be ok with it now, but it will become an addiction, and a weakness that will crush you.

I have no sympathy for anyone who does those poisons lightly, even less for the ones that do it and justify themselves saying that they can quit whenever and they only do it cause it feels good. There are natural substances that work BETTER but doctors will never tell you about cause they gain more with you being junkies and them being pushers. Stuff that relaxes you and helps you being social. Not pot, that's overrated and flimsy. I'm talking about Kava, for example. It is being outlawed in the shadiest ways all over the world, where its a root that makes you want to socialize, laugh, love and fuck, while keeping you perfectly capable of doing everything.

Nature 200 - Booze 0.

Fuck alcohol, fuck Vicodin, Fuck adderall, Fuck nicotine. Try natural stuff, its not for hippies and it works. Not all of it, but some does and greatly. The more we deny it, the more we become addicts that are enslaved by shit and say thank you for that too. No, meds do not solve the problems, neither do they cure illnesses. If you say so, youre lying to yourself and to people.

And you're a scumbag.

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